News & Events - 2022

Love your Melon caps Texas Oncology - Day 2 12/23/2022

It was 9 degrees outside today. That made it the perfect time to bring warmth to those who need it the most. We made sensory stress relief squishies so kids who are at doctors offices today could feel loved and have something to help with their stress. We also brought warm Love Your Melon X Creatures Against Cancer hats and Nothing Bundt cakes to doctors who got up in the cold to go out and help others today ❤️. If you know someone going through cancer who can use some extra love and support send a message to

Have a Blessed and Beautiful day!

Love your Melon caps Texas Oncology - Day 1 12/21/2022

We had a great day bringing warmth and support to patients at Texas Oncology today. Bundtlets, neck pillows and Love Your Melon Beanie Caps were a great way to show love to patients who were receiving treatment today. We feel blessed that we are able to help so many feel warmth and loved during this time. Thank you to Nothing Bundt Cakes in Frisco for helping to support our mission over the last year and #loveyourmelon for all you do to help our mission to bring Comfort to Cancer patients.

Mastectomy pillows - To Houston with love 12/14/2022

This is for a mom who just underwent a double mastectomy. They didn't get all of the cancer and is scheduled for her second surgery followed by chemo in the weeks to come. She's a young mom of two beautiful and lively girls. The neck and mastectomy pillows are for the mom to help her with comfort. There is also a Superhero cape and custom breast cancer tutu for her. The two additional capes are for her daughters as they wanted something to wear to show their support for their mom as caped princess warriors. We hope these bring comfort and love to this family as they go through this.

Santas Workshop 12/11/2022

We had a wonderful day building and helping at Santa's workshop. We set up magical scenes and helped kids have an amazing time with Santa, a real reindeer, a hot cocoa booth and games. The highlight was seeing all the tutus we personally made being bought and 100% of the proceeds going to Children's Hospital. Kids loved dancing around and having a wonderful time in them. Elsa herself loved them and bought one for herself. There is no better way to spend the holidays than bringing love and joy to those who need it. We enjoy seeing the true meaning of the holidays around us as it is always filled with love and beauty.

Mastectomy pillows - to Killeen Tx with love 12/02/2022

A double and single mastectomy pillow for a mom fighting stage 4 breast cancer. She has had surgery and is in pain and could use some comfort. We hope this helps bring her some comfort and she battles cancer and heals.

Send love!!!!! 11/28/2022

We have a Texas mom going through breast cancer that could really use some help with household essentials - toilet paper and paper towels being the number one need. If anyone can help out, I created a amazon wishlist for her. If you would like to help her directly, feel free to message me and I will send you her contact info. Thank you and have a wonderful day! Amazon Wishlist for Mildred

Mastectomy pillows - To Pine Bluff Arkansa with love 11/23/2022

20 single and double mastectomy pillows for the patients at Jefferson Regional Cancer Center. We love to be able to fulfill their requests as it brings comfort and love to so many going through treatment.

Send stuffing!!!!! 11/21/2022

We are in need of some basic pillow and cape supplies. If anyone is able and willing to purchase an item off of our wishlist, it will help us a lot. The item should be automatically sent to our address. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! CAC Amazon Wishlist

Mastectomy pillows - To Ohio with Love 11/19/2022

A young woman was diagnosed with breast cancer this week. She is facing a lumpectomy and 8 weeks of radiation. We hope these mastectomy pillows bring her the love and comfort she needs as she goes through treatment and recovery.

Lightning McQueen - To Prosper Tx with Love 11/18/2022

A two year old was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He is a true fighter and manages to have a smile on his face even on bad days. He loves cars and Lightning McQueen. We hope this special pillow brings him comfort and love throughout his treatment journey.

Mastectomy pillows - To Missouri with love 11/17/2022

A woman was diagnosed with Inflammatory breast cancer which is also in her lymph nodes. She is starting chemotherapy and then will have a double mastectomy. We made two pillows, one for the double mastectomy and the second to hold an ice pack and snacks. We hope these pillows bring the cancer warrior comfort and love.

Volunteer Day 11/12/2022

Weekends are for dinosaurs, gingerbread men, and lots of smiles. 😊

Thank you to our volunteers, Karen, Cameron and Jolie! It was great having you help us make mastectomy pillows, neck pillows and sensory squishees for cancer patients!

Many of these pillows will go to Jefferson Regional Medical Center in Pine Bluff Arkansas, we hope the patients there receive some comfort from our efforts.

Santa's Workshop 11/10/2022

🎅 Santa's Workshop is only a month away! Join us in person at the Westin Stonebriar Golf Resort & Spa on December 11th from 9-11:30 am. Santa's Workshop has a new look this year along with new activities including a hot chocolate stand, games, crafts, and a few surprise guests! Photos with Santa and buffet breakfast also included with ticket. Purchase tickets here

We are so excited to announce Santa's Workshop is back and in person! After 2 long years we are ready to celebrate the holidays in person. 🎅 Santa's Workshop has a new look this year along with new activities including a hot chocolate stand, games, crafts, and a few surprise guests! Join us Sunday, December 11th from 9-11:30 AM at the Westin Stonebriar Golf Resort & Spa.

Gizmo the Old English Sheepdog 11/10/2022

To Ohio with Love,
Gizmo the Old English sheep dog is going to a man who is fighting B-Cell lymphoma. He has been feeling down and could use something to cheer him up. We know gizmo is the perfect pal. We pray Gizmo brings the love and comfort this man needs as he fights his battle with cancer.

Lucille the Owl 11/08/2022

This is Lucille the owl. Lucille means light and she was created to be a light in the darkness. She loves watching I love Lucy, keeping watch at night and being a good listener. To sponsor Lucille as she goes on her journey to bring comfort to a cancer patient click the donate button

Bubba the Big Blue Whale 11/08/2022

To Massachusetts with Love,
Bubba the Big Blue whale is going to a man who has been fighting lymphoma for 3 years. He has had many clinical trials and most recently a stem cell transplant. His wife requested a creature to help bring him comfort during this time. Whales represent protection and Bubba is perfect as he is a big brother, protector and friend. We know Bubba will bring love and support to this cancer patient as he fights his battle against cancer.

Strong and Courageous 11/03/2022

To Missouri with love,
A lady has been fighting triple negative breast cancer. She has had chemo and radiation and will have a double mastectomy in the coming weeks. She requested a pillow to help with the comfort as she heals. We hope this pillow brings her comfort. The cape is a reminder that she is a superhero for fighting cancer and to stay strong and courageous.

Biscuit the Fox 11/02/2022

To Massachusetts with Love,
Biscuit the Fox is going to an amazing Rockstar warrior who has been battling AML. He has spent 81 days in inpatient care, chemo and a bone transplant. His wife requested a comfort pillow for her husband. Foxes symbolize protection and good fortune and we hope this warrior feels both. The cape is a reminder that he is a superhero for fighting cancer.

Halloween at Children's 10/28/2022

Lolly, Pumpkin, Spunky and Giggles are full of love and laughter. They were made to bring comfort to kids with boo-boos. They come with their own tutu that kids can wear and twirl around in while getting better at the hospital.

Journey - to California with lots of love 10/21/2022

To California with lots of Love,
This sweet Alpaca creature named Journey is going to a lady fighting leukemia. Journey is filled with love, energy, compassion and comfort. We hope the cancer warrior who receives her feels all these things too. The cape is a reminder that she is a hero for fighting cancer. Finally, some comfort items are also included to help her feel better as she fights and recovers.

Virginia with Love 10/19/2022

To Virginia, with love
A young lady has gone through a lot while moving to a new state. She is now battling breast cancer which has spread to both breasts. She asked for a little kindness and help with the pain from surgery and mastectomy scars. We are happy to send some love and comfort her way. The double mastectomy pillow will help with the scars and pain from cancer. The cape is a reminder that she is brave, fierce, strong and loved. Finally, there are a few other comfort and self care items to help bring her comfort and as she heals. We pray she finds hope, love and peace during this time.

UNT fans unite 10/16/2022

We had a request for a man fighting leukemia. He is a husband, father, UNT alum and Cowboy and Rangers fan. We were happy to make a comfort pillow for him with his mascot - the Eagle. The Eagle represents keen eye, strength, independence and loyalty. We hope the warrior feels all of these during this time. The capes are for him and his family - a reminder that he is strong, loved by friends and family and is a superhero for fighting cancer.

Lemon Lime 10/11/2022

This is Lemon Lime. She is super soft and and filled with love. Her favorite treat is Key Lime Pie, she loves it so much that she is tickled green when she eats it. She is ready to bring love and comfort to someone going through cancer.

Captain and Speedy 10/10/2022

To Dallas with Love,
This is for a sweet 11 year old fighting cancer who loves fish. Captain the whale loves to swim around all day exploring the depths and beauty of the ocean. Speedy the fish collects little shells to build magnificent sea sculptures in the ocean. They have a full day and then swim off to sleep to explore and build another day. We hope this dynamic duo brings love and comfort to young cancer warrior. The cape is a reminder that he is a superhero and to keep swimming.

To New Jersey with Love 10/07/2022

To New Jersey with Love,
Minnie Mouse has been a symbol of true friendship. This Minnie Mouse themed double mastectomy pillow is going to a young lady who just had a double mastectomy pillow. She is experiencing pain from the surgery and scars as she heals. We want her to know she has a friend in Texas and we hope this pillow brings her comfort in the coming months. The cape is a reminder to always Be Strong and Fight On!

Bellatrix 10/06/2022

To Nashville Tennessee with Love,
We had a request for a comfort pillow for a girl fighting follicular lymphoma. This type of cancer causing swelling in the neck, stomach and lymph areas. We made this sweet creature and named Bellatrix, which means female warrior, to help bring some love and comfort to the girl. Bellatrix loves to play symphonies on the piano, go on walks and cook delectable desserts. We hope she brings a little love, comfort and hope to the recipient.

Andra 10/04/2022

To Manchester New Hampshire with Love,
This sweet creature is named Andra which means strong and courageous warrior. She is being sent to an amazing woman who has battled cancer for 13 years and is experiencing depression, anxiety, and complicated grief. We hope this sweet creature is able to bring love and comfort to her during the hardest time in her life. For every mountain, there is a miracle! We pray she stays strong and continues to fight with strength and endurance.

Takeshi 09/30/2022

To Florida with Love,
A young man is battling the storms in Florida and also cancer. He requested a creature pillow to help bring him a little comfort during treatment. We named this cozy creature pillow named Takeshi. The name means strong and healthy and we hope he feels both of these as he battles cancer and recovers. The neck pillow is something he can bring with him to treatment and the cape is a reminder that he is a strong warrior for battling cancer. Love to him and everyone in Florida.

Lucky 09/28/2022

To Chicago with Love,
A young lady is battling cancer and asked for a creature pillow. Her favorite animal is a manatee. We made a marvelous manatee creature and a pillow to help bring her comfort. The pillow is a reminder to Pause, Relax and take a deep breath during treatment. Manatees symbolize gentleness, meditation and protection. We hope she feels all these things during her treatment and recovery.

September Pillow Collection 09/26/2022

Hearts symbolize love but also bring comfort to patients who have had a mastectomy. We have sent out a group of double mastectomy pillows and now single mastectomy pillows as well as neck pillows are being sent to Jefferson Regional Cancer Center. As long as the hospital requests pillows, we are happy to make and send them. We hope the patients feel the love and comfort in each pillow.

Children's Hospital Plano playground opening reception 09/24/2022

It was wonderful to be able to see Children's outdoor playground. The hospital is expanding and has added a beautiful space for kids to play safely outside. It is an awesome addition as kids don't have to stay in a hospital room all day. They can get treatment and run around outside. For kids that do not have a lot of energy to run, there are gentle swings and areas to sit. When siblings come to visit they can also play on the playground. Children's is amazing and always coming up with innovative ways to make life better for kids.

Biscuit 09/23/2022

This is Biscuit the fox. Biscuit loves baking all sorts of pies, cupcakes, and cookies. He also likes running around the forest. Singing to music on the radio is one of his favorite things to do. This furry fox will always try to cheer someone up by giving them a big hug. Whenever you are feeling down, just give Biscuit a big squeeze!

Hopscotch 09/20/2022

This is Hopscotch. He is very unfrogettable. He loves to Jump around singing songs and making up new games on his lilypad. His best friend Ribbit loves coming over to sing karaoke. Afterwards, Hopscotch swims around in the water, usually playing Marco Polo with other frogs before heading to bed and thinking about the next day of fun.

Tutus, tutus, tutus 09/16/2022

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain. " We made these tutus for the kids at Children's Hospital. They are handmade made with love, tulle, hand sewn butterflies, pompoms, hearts and flowers. They also each have a yellow ribbon in honor of Childhood Cancer awareness. They are a little reminder for the kids at the hospital to keep dancing and to always HAVE FAITH, KEEP HOPE and that THEY ARE LOVED!

Donuts all around 09/13/2022

To New Mexico with Love,
Two pillows for a father battling prostate cancer. He drives a long way to treatment so the neck pillow is to help him while he travels. The donut pillow is double filled with memory foam and polyfill. It is meant to help with comfort when sitting. We hope these bring comfort and support while he battles cancer.

Luna and Lola 09/09/2022

These two sweet cats are named Luna and Lola. They are shy during the night but happy, full of love, laughter and dancing during the day. They are going to a sweet mother and daughter in Beaufort South Carolina. A teenage girls mother was in a serious car accident and is also going through cancer treatment.

They requested creature pillows that the mother and daughter can cuddle and love while the mom recovers from both the accident and cancer. Luna is for the mom and Lola is for the daughter. They now both have a comfort pillow to squeeze and think of each other while in the hospital and recovering. There are also mother and daughter superhero capes to remind them that the love and bond of a mother and daughter are strong and forever.

Dusty 09/02/2022

To Pennsylvania with Love,
We named this cuddly creature Dusty. She loves to dance, sing and play.

Her specialty though is bringing comfort and love. We hope the cancer warrior who receives this knows that she is loved and prayed for.

Scruffy 08/30/2022

To Louisiana with Love,
A lady said her husband is battling cancer and could use a comfort pillow to bring with him to appointments. We were happy to send out a neck pillow for travel and this cozy dog pillow we named Scruffy to have at home.

Sunshine 08/27/2022

To South Carolina with Love
Sunshine toast with a little Butter and Eggs. This is for an older gentleman battling cancer. He sits a lot from exhaustion and could use something to lift him up. We hope this toast puts a smile on his face. It is filled with memory foam so he can flip it over and use it as a seat cushion. A toast to Butter Days! There are a few other self care items to help him feel comfortable and relaxed.

Volunteer Mckinney 08/25/2022

Lisa Hatfield nominated for Volunteer of the Year in McKinney, TX

"It was such an honor to be a part of the Volunteer Mckinney Gala. To be nominated as 'Volunteer of the Year' and to be surrounded with amazing people is humbling and my heart is filled with so much gratitude. An extraordinary lady named Donna Loughmiller was honored with Volunteer of the year and she is extremely deserving of it."
"The nomination itself was such an honor. The room was filled with awe inspiring youth through seasoned retirees to doctors who spend their time serving others. There were organizations that lift up special needs kids with love and enthusiasm as well as groups that ensure the elderly in the communities are cared for and feel loved and supported. It was such a beautiful night and a wonderful way to acknowledge all the good that is around us."

Happy Cat 2022 08/23/2022

To a girl in Iowa with love
A Happy cat pillow to bring a smile to her face, comfort items to help her feel good as she battles cancer and a Superhero cape to remind her that she is Strong, Fierce, Brave and Full of Fire!

Unicorn Celebration 08/16/2022

Unicorn pillows, dream catchers, superhero capes and lots of love. This is for a little girl who is battling cancer at Children's. We hope it brought a smile to her day and that she knows she is cared for and prayed for a lot.

Candy 08/09/2022

This sweet creature is named Candy. She is filled with love, goodness and comfort. She was made for an amazing lady fighting leukemia for the second time.

Biscuit and Fuzzy 08/05/2022

These cuddly foxes are named Biscuit and Fuzzy. We had a request to make them for identical twins. The boys love the color blue and foxes. Unfortunately, one boy has to be in the hospital for cancer treatment while the other is at home or school. They miss each other and wish they were't separated during this time. Biscuit and Fuzzy are reminders that even though they are apart for treatment, they are loved.

Stretchy 08/01/2022

A fun addition to our traditional creature comfort pillows. For smaller kids, we are adding sensory arms and legs. It is a pillow as well as sensory items that kids can pull, play and bend if they are getting treatment in a hospital bed. It's a cozy pillow and an enjoyable distraction. We named this lovable fellow Stretchy.

Lola 07/27/2022

This little cutie is named Lola. Her specialty is bringing love and friendship to your day. She is going to a cancer warrior in Nebraska. Lola comes with comfort items and a cape filled with love for both the cancer warrior and the nurse helping her through treatment.

Kaipo 06/14/2022

Aloha, this sweet girl in named Kaipo which means sweetheart in Hawaiian. She is made with stuffing, bows and pure love. She comes with a Superhero cape with a mandala sea turtle which symbolize patience, wisdom, endurance, and good luck. Finally, a shark tooth necklace will bring strength. We hope Kaipo and her gifts bring love and comfort to a beautiful warrior fighting cancer in Hawaii.

Taverna Rossa 06/08/2022

Come join us this Wednesday, June 6th at Taverna Rossa. Craft Pizza & Beer (for folks over 21) and great company!

Taverna Rossa
4005 Preston Road, Plano, TX. 75093

Nathan Ninja 05/31/2022

This is Nathan Ninja. His super power is helping to knock out cancer. Nathan helps bring strength and comfort during treatment for cancer patients. We gifted him to a young man fighting cancer.

Axl and Rose 05/20/2022

Axlotls represent growth and healing. These cuddly creatures named Axl and Rose will surely bring some love and comfort to a person fighting cancer. We hope they bring a song in a cancer warriors heart and a smile on their face.

Samaritan Inn - Slide on in to Summer Event 04/30/2022

If you are looking for something FUN to do today, Samaritan Inn Slide on in to Summer Event is the place! There is live music, games, food, activities and more. It is also supporting an amazing organization. Now until 2:30. Come and do Good while having FUN!!!!

Ray the Stingray 04/29/2022

This is Ray the friendly Stingray. He glides through water effortlessly bringing comfort and love wherever he goes. He is going on a journey with his cuddly puppy friend Cody to bring comfort to a cancer patient who travels back and forth to hospitals for treatment.

Bask on the Boardwalk aka Cape Day at Granite Park 04/27/2022

We are at Granite Park for Cape Day with Children’s Hospital. Great music, lots of fun. Come on down!!!