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Making tutus 09/09/2023

Just a little tutu making to brighten up the day.

Making pink tutus 08/29/2023

We love making tutus, what can we say?

To San Antonio Tx with love 07/11/2023

To San Antonio Tx with love, A woman was diagnosed with DCIS and is considering a double mastectomy. She has a positive outlook and loves to have fun. She requested a few pillows to help with comfort and to bring to treatment. Since she loves to have fun, the tutu is to celebrate each treatment victory. The cape is a reminder that she is a superhero for fighting cancer. We hope she feels comforted and loved as she fights and wins treatment and recovery.

Tutu - Garden Party 07/08/2023

This tutu is called Garden Party and was made for a cancer warrior.

The skirt is reminiscent of a cool summer day surrounded by beautiful flowers and blue skies. A day like that is perfect to have a little garden party and enjoy the beauty of nature, family and friends.

Each stage of treatment is a celebration and a victory! We hope the warrior feels beautiful & loved and that she celebrates each victory of treatment and recovery.

Valentine tutus for for some amazing kids battling cancer 02/14/2023

Each tutu is unique with kid themes - snack time, fun with pom poms, sweet as cherries, fly like a butterly, painting fun, unicorn wishes, fun with flowers etc. We were happy to make these for Leia's Kids which honors each child going through cancer and their family through a Crown-A-Kid party. This is a time to celebrate and encourage the child and family in the biggest battle of their lives.

We hope the kids feel extra love this Valentines Day and know that they are prayed for, loved and celebrated everyday by so many.

Halloween at Children's 10/28/2022

Lolly, Pumpkin, Spunky and Giggles are full of love and laughter. They were made to bring comfort to kids with boo-boos. They come with their own tutu that kids can wear and twirl around in while getting better at the hospital.

Tutus, tutus, tutus 09/16/2022

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain. " We made these tutus for the kids at Children's Hospital. They are handmade made with love, tulle, hand sewn butterflies, pompoms, hearts and flowers. They also each have a yellow ribbon in honor of Childhood Cancer awareness. They are a little reminder for the kids at the hospital to keep dancing and to always HAVE FAITH, KEEP HOPE and that THEY ARE LOVED!