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Making capes 09/08/2023

Making a cape for a cancer warrior.

To Tennessee with love 09/06/2023

To Tennessee with love,
A woman is battling breast cancer. She had a mastectomy and could use some comfort under her ribs while she lays down. We were happy to make her a mastectomy pillow to lay down with and bring with her to appointments. An additional cute creature pillow can be used as a seatbelt protector. The cape is a reminder that she is a brave and strong superhero for fighting cancer.

To Texas with love 09/01/2023

To Texas with love,
A woman is battling breast cancer and is going through a lot physically and emotionally. She has a positive outlook even though treatment is difficult. We were happy to send her a mastectomy pillow to help with recovery. The tutu is so she can dance and celebrate every victory. The cape is a reminder that she is a beautiful superhero for fighting cancer. Finally, the tea cup and tea is so she can relax at the end of the day and enjoy an evening restoring herself with peace and relaxation.

To Missouri with love 08/07/2023

To Missouri with love,
A woman who has 16 grandkids is battling cancer. She loves life, is going through treatment well but could use a comfort pillow while going through treatment. We were happy to send her the Frog pillows "Hip Hop" and Little "Hop a long." The cape is a reminder that she is a superhero and very loved.

Capes and activity kits for Children's Hospital 08/03/2023

Superhero Capes, activity kits and sensory stress relief items delivered to Children's Hospital. We hope these bring a little love and happiness to kids in the hospital.

Making capes 08/02/2023

Making capes for kids is a satisfying weekend activity. We hope these bring hope and happiness to cancer warriors young and old.

To Washington with love 06/19/2023

To Washington with love,
A lady has a port and the seatbelt is uncomfortable when driving. She requested a creature port pillow. We are happy to send her a cute custom port pillow to help with comfort when driving. The cape is a reminder that she is a brave, strong and loved warrior.

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To North Dakota with love 06/16/2023

To North Dakota with love,
A lady had a single mastectomy. She has had complications after the surgery and is going through a lot she wasn't expecting. She could use a mastectomy pillow. We hope the pillow brings a little extra comfort and love and she knows that we are thinking of her. The cape is a reminder that she is a hero. Nobody expects complications in treatment. We hope this lady feels the encouragement and love from doctors, friends, family and community that she needs.

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The struggle is real 06/14/2023

Making capes can take patience. The struggle is real.

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To Kentucky with love 05/23/2023

Last year a lady was diagnosed with cancer. She relocated from her state to live with family after also experiencing homelessness. Fortunately, she was able to find great doctors who took care of her after the diagnosis. After chemo treatments, she is now officially cancer free!

This celebration creature pillow is being sent to fill her house with joy. The cape is a reminder of her strength and superhero power for fighting cancer.

To College Station Tx with love 05/18/2023

A 3 year old is battling neuroblastoma. She was given the name "tiny hulk" at the beginning of treatment because of how strong she is. She loves dinos and her siblings. We sent this sweet girl a dino pillow along with some squishies to help bring her comfort during treatment. The cape is a reminder that she is strong and a superhero for fighting cancer.

To NY with love, 05/04/2023

Strawberry the bunny is a sweet, shy and loveable creature. Even though she doesn't like to talk a lot, she is full of energy. She loves, hopping, skipping and most importantly helping!

A lady is undergoing a single mastectomy soon. Friends of hers requested a creature and mastectomy pillow to help bring comfort as she recovers. A Superhero cape with Faith, Hope and Love is also on the Way. When you have friends and family who care, you always have Faith, Hope and Love.

To Plano Tx with love, 05/03/2023

A daughter requested a double mastectomy and neck pillow for her mom. She had surgery and could use comfort pillows post surgery. We hope these pillows bring some comfort. The cape is a reminder that she is a true superhero for fighting cancer. This mom is loved and prayed for.

To Plano, Tx with Love 04/16/2023

A man is going through chemo treatments and his wife is having a hard time watching him fight cancer. We made him a Chemo Ninja cape. There is also a Strength cape for the wife to remind her to stay strong and keep Faith. The neck pillow is something comfortable he can bring to treatment. Finally, we delivered food and dessert so this sweet family does not need to cook. 🥔🥞🫓🧁💛

Celeste 03/27/2023

Celeste, the exotic creature that can fly, swim, draw and cook went to an amazing cancer warrior who is fighting three types of cancer -breast, lung and uterus. We also provided a cape to remind her that she is a certified Bad *ss in the fight against cancer as well as celebratory Nothing Bundtlets to know she can fight caner courageously and get through this!!!!!!

Matheo Mustacheo - To Allen, Tx with Love 03/12/2023

Our creature Matheo Mustacheo went to a warrior fighting bladder and prostate cancer. He gets Chemo once a month and is tired and could use some kindness and comfort. He also celebrates his birthday this week so Matheo comes a variety of birthday bundtlets for him and his family to celebrate with. The cape is a reminder that he is a Chemo Ninja and an amazing superhero for fighting cancer.

Happy Cat - To Mesquite Tx with love 03/06/2023

A lady was in need of a pillow to help her sit up and stay elevated due to a port in her chest. Her family could also use some food. We were happy to make her a Happy Cat pillow that helps support the back and help her sit up and as well as some food items for her and her family. We hope this brings a little comfort to her treatment and hope she knows she is loved and prayed for. The cape is a reminder that she is a superhero for fighting cancer.

Tranquility the Sloth 02/20/2023

To Connecticut with love,
A 16 year old has Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She loves her cat and sloths. She just finished up chemo and is starting radiation. We were sent a request for a comfort creature. We hope Tranquility the Sloth brings extra comfort and love during treatment. The cat neck pillow is something she can bring to treatment to relax with. The cape is a reminder that she is a superhero for fighting cancer and to never give up. This young lady is loved and prayed for.

Tranquility loves to take life slow and steady. He enjoys thoughtful conversations, a glass of ice tea in the afternoon and interesting books. Tranquility is a good listener and can spend hours and hours listening to you talk.

Faith, Hope and Love 02/18/2023

To Carrollton Tx, with Love
A widow just found out she has three cancerous masses in her breast. Doctors scheduled a surgery date and a reconstructive lift for next week. We hope this pillow brings some comfort to her as she recovers. The cape is a reminder that there is always Faith Hope and Love in the world. We hope she wears the cape and knows she is a superhero for fighting cancer and feels and knows the meaning of Faith, Hope and Love ❤️

Superhero capes for kids going through cancer 02/15/2023

Any kid going through cancer should feel and knowing that they are a superhero and nothing less. May God bless and be with all kids who are fighting.

To Niagra Falls, NY with LOVE 02/13/2023

A woman just had a double mastectomy is needed some comfort and loved during recovery. We are happy to send her a double mastectomy pillow to help with comfort during recovery. The cape is a reminder : She is clothed with Strength and Dignity and She Laughs without Fear of the Future. May she feel and know these things and be comforted with love during her recovery.

Mastectomy pillows - To Houston with love 12/14/2022

This is for a mom who just underwent a double mastectomy. They didn't get all of the cancer and is scheduled for her second surgery followed by chemo in the weeks to come. She's a young mom of two beautiful and lively girls. The neck and mastectomy pillows are for the mom to help her with comfort. There is also a Superhero cape and custom breast cancer tutu for her. The two additional capes are for her daughters as they wanted something to wear to show their support for their mom as caped princess warriors. We hope these bring comfort and love to this family as they go through this.

Lightning McQueen - To Prosper Tx with Love 11/18/2022

A two year old was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He is a true fighter and manages to have a smile on his face even on bad days. He loves cars and Lightning McQueen. We hope this special pillow brings him comfort and love throughout his treatment journey.

Strong and Courageous 11/03/2022

To Missouri with love,
A lady has been fighting triple negative breast cancer. She has had chemo and radiation and will have a double mastectomy in the coming weeks. She requested a pillow to help with the comfort as she heals. We hope this pillow brings her comfort. The cape is a reminder that she is a superhero for fighting cancer and to stay strong and courageous.

Biscuit the Fox 11/02/2022

To Massachusetts with Love,
Biscuit the Fox is going to an amazing Rockstar warrior who has been battling AML. He has spent 81 days in inpatient care, chemo and a bone transplant. His wife requested a comfort pillow for her husband. Foxes symbolize protection and good fortune and we hope this warrior feels both. The cape is a reminder that he is a superhero for fighting cancer.

Journey - to California with lots of love 10/21/2022

To California with lots of Love,
This sweet Alpaca creature named Journey is going to a lady fighting leukemia. Journey is filled with love, energy, compassion and comfort. We hope the cancer warrior who receives her feels all these things too. The cape is a reminder that she is a hero for fighting cancer. Finally, some comfort items are also included to help her feel better as she fights and recovers.

Virginia with Love 10/19/2022

To Virginia, with love
A young lady has gone through a lot while moving to a new state. She is now battling breast cancer which has spread to both breasts. She asked for a little kindness and help with the pain from surgery and mastectomy scars. We are happy to send some love and comfort her way. The double mastectomy pillow will help with the scars and pain from cancer. The cape is a reminder that she is brave, fierce, strong and loved. Finally, there are a few other comfort and self care items to help bring her comfort and as she heals. We pray she finds hope, love and peace during this time.

UNT fans unite 10/16/2022

We had a request for a man fighting leukemia. He is a husband, father, UNT alum and Cowboy and Rangers fan. We were happy to make a comfort pillow for him with his mascot - the Eagle. The Eagle represents keen eye, strength, independence and loyalty. We hope the warrior feels all of these during this time. The capes are for him and his family - a reminder that he is strong, loved by friends and family and is a superhero for fighting cancer.

Captain and Speedy 10/10/2022

To Dallas with Love,
This is for a sweet 11 year old fighting cancer who loves fish. Captain the whale loves to swim around all day exploring the depths and beauty of the ocean. Speedy the fish collects little shells to build magnificent sea sculptures in the ocean. They have a full day and then swim off to sleep to explore and build another day. We hope this dynamic duo brings love and comfort to young cancer warrior. The cape is a reminder that he is a superhero and to keep swimming.

To New Jersey with Love 10/07/2022

To New Jersey with Love,
Minnie Mouse has been a symbol of true friendship. This Minnie Mouse themed double mastectomy pillow is going to a young lady who just had a double mastectomy pillow. She is experiencing pain from the surgery and scars as she heals. We want her to know she has a friend in Texas and we hope this pillow brings her comfort in the coming months. The cape is a reminder to always Be Strong and Fight On!

Bellatrix 10/06/2022

To Nashville Tennessee with Love,
We had a request for a comfort pillow for a girl fighting follicular lymphoma. This type of cancer causing swelling in the neck, stomach and lymph areas. We made this sweet creature and named Bellatrix, which means female warrior, to help bring some love and comfort to the girl. Bellatrix loves to play symphonies on the piano, go on walks and cook delectable desserts. We hope she brings a little love, comfort and hope to the recipient.

Andra 10/04/2022

To Manchester New Hampshire with Love,
This sweet creature is named Andra which means strong and courageous warrior. She is being sent to an amazing woman who has battled cancer for 13 years and is experiencing depression, anxiety, and complicated grief. We hope this sweet creature is able to bring love and comfort to her during the hardest time in her life. For every mountain, there is a miracle! We pray she stays strong and continues to fight with strength and endurance.

Takeshi 09/30/2022

To Florida with Love,
A young man is battling the storms in Florida and also cancer. He requested a creature pillow to help bring him a little comfort during treatment. We named this cozy creature pillow named Takeshi. The name means strong and healthy and we hope he feels both of these as he battles cancer and recovers. The neck pillow is something he can bring with him to treatment and the cape is a reminder that he is a strong warrior for battling cancer. Love to him and everyone in Florida.

Lucky 09/28/2022

To Chicago with Love,
A young lady is battling cancer and asked for a creature pillow. Her favorite animal is a manatee. We made a marvelous manatee creature and a pillow to help bring her comfort. The pillow is a reminder to Pause, Relax and take a deep breath during treatment. Manatees symbolize gentleness, meditation and protection. We hope she feels all these things during her treatment and recovery.

Dusty 09/02/2022

To Pennsylvania with Love,
We named this cuddly creature Dusty. She loves to dance, sing and play.

Her specialty though is bringing comfort and love. We hope the cancer warrior who receives this knows that she is loved and prayed for.

Scruffy 08/30/2022

To Louisiana with Love,
A lady said her husband is battling cancer and could use a comfort pillow to bring with him to appointments. We were happy to send out a neck pillow for travel and this cozy dog pillow we named Scruffy to have at home.

Happy Cat 2022 08/23/2022

To a girl in Iowa with love
A Happy cat pillow to bring a smile to her face, comfort items to help her feel good as she battles cancer and a Superhero cape to remind her that she is Strong, Fierce, Brave and Full of Fire!

Unicorn Celebration 08/16/2022

Unicorn pillows, dream catchers, superhero capes and lots of love. This is for a little girl who is battling cancer at Children's. We hope it brought a smile to her day and that she knows she is cared for and prayed for a lot.

Candy 08/09/2022

This sweet creature is named Candy. She is filled with love, goodness and comfort. She was made for an amazing lady fighting leukemia for the second time.

Lola 07/27/2022

This little cutie is named Lola. Her specialty is bringing love and friendship to your day. She is going to a cancer warrior in Nebraska. Lola comes with comfort items and a cape filled with love for both the cancer warrior and the nurse helping her through treatment.

Kaipo 06/14/2022

Aloha, this sweet girl in named Kaipo which means sweetheart in Hawaiian. She is made with stuffing, bows and pure love. She comes with a Superhero cape with a mandala sea turtle which symbolize patience, wisdom, endurance, and good luck. Finally, a shark tooth necklace will bring strength. We hope Kaipo and her gifts bring love and comfort to a beautiful warrior fighting cancer in Hawaii.

Nathan Ninja 05/31/2022

This is Nathan Ninja. His super power is helping to knock out cancer. Nathan helps bring strength and comfort during treatment for cancer patients. We gifted him to a young man fighting cancer.

Capes at Texas Child Neurology 12/14/2021

Making Superhero capes for the Amazing staff at Texas Child Neurology. They are superheroes in disguise - helping children every day!

Halloween fun at Children's 10/21/2021

Custom Halloween superhero capes and trick or treat buckets for some sweet kids at Children's Hospital. We love that they will be able to have some fun on Halloween.
— at Children's Medical Center Plano.

Childhood cancer awareness month 09/16/2019

In honor of Childhood cancer awareness month we made some superhero capes and pillows for some amazing kids fighting cancer. Did you know that every two minutes a kid is diagnosed with cancer? One in five of the children diagnosed will not survive 😢. We hope these capes and pillows make some vary special kids feel like super heroes this month because they ARE SUPERHEROES!!!!!!🦄🤩😁.

Christmas in July 07/25/2019

We had so much fun making pillows, capes, hats and bringing gifts to Children's Hospital. Today was Christmas in July at Children's for all the little kids who don't get to see Santa in December. It was our honor to be able to bring a little sunshine to sick kids today. We even got to say Thank you to Santa for coming all the way from the North Pole in summer to visit the kids! We pray that all the kids feel comfort, love and peace while they are fighting and recovering this summer.

Lucky pillows and capes 07/13/2018

We know Friday the 13th is supposed to be unlucky. To bring some good fortune to kids fighting cancer we made these lucky capes and pillows. Our inspiration was superheroes for these creations. We know all kids fighting cancer are superheroes, and we hope these capes and pillows are a reminder of their superpowers.

We also found out about the amazing new playground at Children's. We are so happy that the children there have a wonderful place to play. We pray that all the sick kids have the strength to get better and feel all the love people have for them.

Naty, we remember you 05/26/2018

We made a cape in honor of a super nice lady. We are giving the cape to her husband in honor of her memory. We first met Naty when we had our first lemonade stand. She told us how she was fighting breast cancer. We became friends and would visit each other. She alway came to all of our lemonade stands and would drink lemonade and talk with us. She also liked taking pictures with us.

She always made us laugh and called us her babies. Then she would tell us to wear more sunscreen. We know she loved flowers and thats why we made her hair with flowers on the cape. She also was a mom and a wife and we put those symbols on the cape. Her nick name was navidad so we put an angel on the cape. We put lemonade on it because thats where we first met her. We also got a pink rose plant for her family to have in honor of her. Im very sad that she is gone but I know she in heaven so thats good and makes me happier that she's with angels.

Super Hero day 10/27/2017

Today was such a great day. At our school, the theme was dress up like your favorite super hero. Since an oncologist saves lives every day, we decided to dressed up like an oncologist. Juliet and I both dressed up like an pediatric oncologist, and Camille dressed up like a normal oncologist. After school we went to Children's Hospital. The first cape is for a very special friend who fought cancer for a long time and won. She is my super hero and friend. It will be my honor to give her a super hero cape tomorrow. The second cape we made is for a wonderful grandma who lives close to us and has been fighting cancer for a very long time. The last cape is for a kid in Children's Hospital. All cancer fighters are our super heroes.

September Heros 09/30/2017

Because today is the last day in September, we wanted to bring some love to kids fighting cancer. We brought some capes, blankets, and creature pillows to Children's hospital to give them some comfort during their treatment. We hope one day there is a cure for all kinds of cancer.

Cancer awareness month 09/02/2017

September is childhood cancer awareness month. It's very sad that kids gets cancer. I can't imagine how brave the kids must be to fight cancer everyday. We've been working all week making capes for kids who have cancer to remind them that they are super hero's. We even made gold capes because thats childhood cancer color. We pray for every child who is suffering cancer.

Super Nurse Capes 07/19/2017

These are the capes we made for the nurses at Texas Oncology. We usually only make them for cancer fighters, but we think the nurses are also super heroes and amazing. We put a ribbon on it to symbolize fighting cancer We put a nurses stethescope to represent all the work they do to help patients everyday.The UNICORN represents believing in miracles and hoping for a cure. We put the words "be brave" because nurses have to be brave and not CRY everyday. The hearts represents all the love we have for them. The final thing we put on the capes are angel wings. The wings represent that the nurses are like angels with loving hearts who always help us. We hope all nurses realize how awesome they are.

May Capes 05/21/2017

We made more Super Hero capes for the sweet kids at Children's. We wanted to do something extra special to them. We added a dog named Flora to the capes. Flora is a special dog at the hospital. She visits the kids and makes them feel better. Flora always wears a flower in her fur so we put a flower in her fur on the cape. We hope these capes bring some fun and love to the children fighting cancer there.