Meet the Creatures

All Creatures Big & Small

Every Creature is hand-made and unique. Often a Creature is inspired by a request from a cancer patient, their family or a friend's request. We love when someone tells us about themself or shares details about a recipient. Other times we will create something from our own imaginations or holiday themes, animal themes or some other inspiration will give us motivation.

Creatures always have a fun and likable expression, even if it's only in the eyes. We put a lot of care into each personality as well, picking a name and sharing a background story is almost as important as making sure the Creature is filled with just the right amount of new polyester stuffing.

Check out a few of the creatures we have made over the years. There are many many more.

Making a Creature - Meet Journey

Journey is one of our favorite Creatures. She is very detailed and a lot of love was put into making her and giving her a personality.

We decided to make a doll like creature when we made Journey. Some Creatures have arms and legs, most do not. Many have had accessories like dresses and bows. Journey has a dress, stockings, shoes and bows all created and attached to her body permanently with stitches.

Choosing the fabric and thread is always fun. We have so many different kinds of fabric now and fun materials we can use to embellish the design.


Making a Creature really is a journey.