All Creatures Big & Small

River the Blue Retriever Poodle 08/28/2023

Introducing River, the loveable puppy. Our inspiration for this creature pillow was an adorable Blue retriever poodle.

River loves to spend his day running, jumping into lakes and rivers and retrieving lost ducks and birds to their homes. After a full day of exercising and playing, River enjoys a nice salmon, rice and carrot dinner while watching the sunset. This sweet creature is full of love and ready to bring comfort to a cancer warrior.

Cleo, Dusk and Dexter 08/21/2023

Introducing Cleo, Dusk and Dexter- the trio of loveable Lynx cats. These sweet cats symbolize patience and protection. They are filled with love and ready to bring it to a cancer patient.

Machiato 08/16/2023

Introducing Macchiato, the energetic cow. Macchiato loves to start his day with a delicious shot of espresso and steamed milk. After a chocolate dipped biscotti, this sweet cow is ready to conquer the day. He goes out in the fields, gallops, grazes, watches and amazes the world with his energy, love and compassion. Macchiato is filled with strength and ready to bring it to a cancer warrior.

Hip Hop and Hopalong 07/31/2023

Introducing Hip Hop and Hopalong. These two loveable Frogs are Kings of the Forest and ponds. They love putting on great night time concerts while singing, dancing and hopping around. Hip Hop and Hopalong are full of energy. They are made with love and ready to bring comfort to a cancer patient.

Nova the Alpaca 07/24/2023

Introducing Nova, the Alpaca. She was made for a girl fighting cancer. Nova is sweet, smart and loves to dance and play. She loves chasing butterflies as well as dreams. Nova comes with a butterfly tutu as well as a matching one for the young warrior. We hope Nova brings some comfort during the girls treatment journey and that she is surrounded with positivity and love.

Puffy 07/19/2023

Introducing Puffy, the huggable, loveable creature. Puffy is mellow, enjoys meditating, going on walks, taking great naps, eating good food, and seeing her friends. She is stuffed with love and ready to bring comfort to a cancer patient.

Pinky the Pinkasaurus 07/12/2023

Introducing Peggy the Pinkasaurus. Peggy enjoys slows walks, snaking on plants and quiet nights. She is quiet but she is also a great protector of her family and friends. Peggy is filled with love and ready to bring comfort to a cancer patient.

To request a creature or comfort pillow send us a request and we'd be happy to help 🙂

Sterling 07/10/2023

We would like you to meet Sterling,
He is a loveable creature who enjoys reading thought provoking books and staying up at night. His favorite night time activity is looking up and watching the stars. Every now and then one of his friends joins him and they try and find the constellations together. Sterling is squishy, patient and a great listener. He is filled with love and ready to bring comfort to a cancer warrior.

Bubbles 06/21/2023

Introducing Bubbles, the zealous and exciting dolphin. Bubbles loves to get up at sunrise and catch the first waves of the day. There's nothing better than catching the ultimate wave and riding it into shore. After a morning of some outrageous surfing, Bubbles refuels her energy with a great serving shrimp cocktail and sparkling water. This bubbly creature has an outgoing personality and you can see it when she is with her friends. She loves playing, chasing, jumping and singing with her friends. She is filled with love and ready to bring it to someone battling cancer.

Rosa 06/09/2023

To Elizabeth Town, Ky with love,
This sweet cat is named Rosa. She loves music, dancing and great food. She is going to a lady battling cancer for the third time and requested a comfort pillow. We hope she brings some comfort and love and knows she is in our prayers. The cape is a reminder that she is a superhero for fighting cancer.

Dahlia 06/01/2023

We would like you to meet Dahlia, the happy Marsupial. Dahlia loves helping with yard work because she loves to munch on leaves snack on grass. She loves relaxing by lighting candles and going on walks. Dahlia also uses essential oils to bring peace and harmony to her space. Most importantly, Dahlia is filled with love and ready to bring comfort to a cancer patient.

Shaggy and Lollihops 04/27/2023

We would like you to meet Shaggy and Lollihops. Shaggy is a big eyed furry samoyed dog and Lollipops is a big hearted frog. Shaggy loves to sing, run and is very loyal. Shaggy is kind, loving, and enjoys making others happy. Shaggy got his blue coloring from a love of blueberries and blue grapes. He starts his morning with a delicious and nutritious blueberry smoothie and has enough energy and drive for the entire day. Lollihops is a loveable frog. Native customs all over North and South America recognize this creature as a healer. Some old European traditions also recognize their ability to heal, and many believe that their songs are magical and contain divine power.

According to tradition, frogs have traditionally been animals that bring good luck. The presence of a frog always indicated life-saving water was near, turning the animals into symbols of luck and fortune. We hope these adorable creatures bring love and comfort to someone fighting cancer.

Biscuit and Fuzzy 04/26/2023

We would like for you to meet Biscuit and Fuzzy. These dynamic duo foxes were given to a set of 7 year old identical twins.

One of the siblings gets treatment in the hospital, and the other has problems adjusting to his brother being sick and hospitalized and gets sad a lot. The two love foxes though. These Foxes and capes were made so the twins could have something to feel connected and loved while they are apart. Every time they are sad, they can hug their fox and think each other. Two capes were also made so both know they are superheroes, one for fighting cancer, and the other for being loving supportive through treatment.

Chitter and Sweetie-Saurus 04/20/2023

We would love for you to meet Chitter the exotic bird and Sweetie-Saurus the loving dino. Chitter and Sweetie may seem like an odd friendship but they are inseparable. The bird and dino go everywhere together. They have sat with the greatest minds, read the most thoughtful books and have painted delightful and awe-inspiring paintings. They have been presented with many awards, but no accomplishment on paper can compare to their greatest passion - bringing comfort to cancer patients.

Squirtle the Turtle 04/12/2023

Introducing Squirtle the Turtle. Turtles represent healing, wisdom, spirituality, health, safety, longevity and protection. Squirtle loves swimming, boats, the sand and sunbathing. He has friends all over the world including the Pacific, Atlantic, Southern and Indian Oceans. Squirtle can appear to live a life of leisure because he has a calm demeanor and enjoys life a lot. He is a big deal in the eco system though as he travels the beaches and oceans and is a beloved friend of nature and animal lovers a like. . Squirtle is filled with a lot of love and knowledge and ready to bring comfort to someone fighting cancer.

Honey Bunny 04/06/2023

Introducing Honey,
She is the sweetest Bunny you will ever meet. Honey loves cats, bees, nature and all things sweet. She spends her days on trail walks, listening to good music, doing yoga and most importantly bringing love and comfort to cancer patients. If you know someone who could use a little kindness and comfort during treatment, send us a message.

Honey Bunny is our first creature to be featured on Etsy. If you would like to purchase Honey Bunny to help bring comfort to cancer patients, please visit our shop.

Celeste 03/27/2023

Celeste, the exotic creature that can fly, swim, draw and cook went to an amazing cancer warrior who is fighting three types of cancer -breast, lung and uterus. We also provided a cape to remind her that she is a certified Bad *ss in the fight against cancer as well as celebratory Nothing Bundtlets to know she can fight caner courageously and get through this!!!!!!

Matheo Mustacheo - To Allen, Tx with Love 03/12/2023

Our creature Matheo Mustacheo went to a warrior fighting bladder and prostate cancer. He gets Chemo once a month and is tired and could use some kindness and comfort. He also celebrates his birthday this week so Matheo comes a variety of birthday bundtlets for him and his family to celebrate with. The cape is a reminder that he is a Chemo Ninja and an amazing superhero for fighting cancer.

Happy Cat - To Mesquite Tx with love 03/06/2023

A lady was in need of a pillow to help her sit up and stay elevated due to a port in her chest. Her family could also use some food. We were happy to make her a Happy Cat pillow that helps support the back and help her sit up and as well as some food items for her and her family. We hope this brings a little comfort to her treatment and hope she knows she is loved and prayed for. The cape is a reminder that she is a superhero for fighting cancer.

Tranquility the Sloth 02/20/2023

To Connecticut with love,
A 16 year old has Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She loves her cat and sloths. She just finished up chemo and is starting radiation. We were sent a request for a comfort creature. We hope Tranquility the Sloth brings extra comfort and love during treatment. The cat neck pillow is something she can bring to treatment to relax with. The cape is a reminder that she is a superhero for fighting cancer and to never give up. This young lady is loved and prayed for.

Tranquility loves to take life slow and steady. He enjoys thoughtful conversations, a glass of ice tea in the afternoon and interesting books. Tranquility is a good listener and can spend hours and hours listening to you talk.

Zola 02/12/2023

Introducing Zola,
She is a lively and energetic creature filled with comfort and love. Zola loves to play hide and seek, walk across logs, collect rocks and watch the stars at night. She is full of love and ready to bring it to a cancer warrior.

Aiko 02/09/2023

This beautiful creature is named Aiko which means little loved one. Aiko is sweet, silly and evokes a feeling of joy wherever she goes. A little unknown fact about Aiko is that she is also a soccer fan. She has played soccer since she was 4. When asked if Cinderella would be a good soccer player, she answered "no, because she keeps running aways from the ball" 🤣. I told you she was silly!!!! We hope Aiko brings a little love and joy to a warrior going through cancer.

Mathéo Moustache 02/03/2023

We would like to introduce you to Mathéo Moustache. Mathéo likes to start his day with a cup of RISTRETTO, scrambled eggs and toast. After a morning of great breakfast he is ready to begin his day. He heads off to his architect job and designs wonderful buildings that are pleasing to the eye and environmentally friendly. After a good day of work he heads home and listens to some classical jazz and reads a good book before heading off to bed. He is full of love, creativity and incomparable style. Mathéo is also ready to bring comfort to someone going through cancer.

Cassie 01/05/2023

This is Cassie. She loves to laugh, be silly and have fun with friends. Cassie's number one accessory is her sunshine colored glasses and wears them wherever she goes. She is full of comfort, happiness and love and is ready to bring it to someone battling cancer.