Our Mission

Our mission is to bring happiness, peace and comfort to cancer patients and survivors.

We support this mission of advocacy by providing comfort items and services to improve quality of life for cancer patients and survivors. Our mission has grown over the years as we have met more cancer warriors and heard their stories.

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Creature Pillows

One of our goals is to make as many Creature pillows as we can and bring them to people battling cancer. We have made hundreds of Creatures for people. We've delivered them directly to patients in waiting rooms and visiting centers. We also ship them around the country at the request of friends and family. You can just request one yourself!

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Pillows for physical comfort

We make comfort pillows for cancer surgery and treatment recovery. These pillows provide support and cushion for those areas most affected by treatment. These pillows are highly recommended by everyone who has received one.

We make the following comfort pillow types:

  • Single and Double Mastectomy pillows for those recovering from breast cancer surgery
  • Neck pillows for those sitting in chemotherapy treatment for long period
  • Donut pillows for those with cancer in the lower abdomen
  • Body pillows for those who have general aches across the body during rest
  • Stress hand squeeze pillows with memory foam and sensory material like beads

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Capes for Superheroes and Tutus to twirl in

We make capes and tutus to provide emotional encouragement for those battling cancer and their family and friends because they are true heroes.

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Comfort treats

We have partnered with Panera Bread and Nothing Bundt Cakes to bring good bread and cake to cancer patients and survivors. We bring these treats to cancer patients and survivors at their homes, in hospitals, and in cancer centers. We also bring them to doctors and nurses who are working hard to help cancer patients and survivors.

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The Lounge

The Lounge is a new vision by Creatures Against Cancer. It will be a space for cancer patients to enjoy a comfortable retreat away from the struggle of living with cancer. A place to relax and be taken care of while enjoying a meal, a cup of coffee or just to get away from home for an hour or two.

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