The Lounge

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We will be working with members, allies and sponsors to actualize The Lounge over the coming weeks and months.

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Vision for Members

The Lounge by Creatures Against Cancer is a space for cancer patients to enjoy a comfortable retreat away from the struggle of living with cancer. A place to relax and be taken care of while enjoying a meal, a cup of coffee or just to get away from home for an hour or two.

We would like to provide lifelong membership access benefits for those who live through one of the worst experiences anyone can have. We know that cancer’s effect on life doesn’t stop at remission.

Vision for Family & Friends

The Lounge is a place to share moments with family and friends, free from stress and anxiety. Whether celebrating long fought victory or sharing solemn remembrance of loss with loved ones, we hope The Lounge will be able to take away the burden of having to coordinate, host or clean up events private or public.

Vision for Donors & Sponsors

The Lounge will be a place for celebrating cancer survivors and patrons by providing seasonal gala events as well as monthly dining and volunteer activity opportunities.

The Lounge will additionally operate as a regional office and meeting space for Creatures Against Cancer outreach to bring comfort to cancer patients. We will hold volunteer days for making creatures, pillows, care packages and for meal assistance through the kitchen. We will partner with regional and national charities, organizations and businesses to provide the best non-medical care possible. We hope to open locations nationwide as our membership grows.