News & Events - 2019

Happy Holidays from CAC 12/23/2019

There is no better way to spend the holiday than to give the gift of love to others. We were able to buy some special gifts and make pillows for the kids at Children's. We were so happy to get to see Flora, the resident therapy dog, walking around the halls today. Along with that, it was very festive with all the many sparkly Christmas decorations adorning the entrance. We also had the pleasure of going to Texas Oncology. We loved seeing the smiles on patients faces while giving out fluffy pillows and handmade ornaments filled with snow and chocolate. I hope everybody has a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a blessed holiday season.

Thanksgiving giving 11/25/2019

What a wonderful way to start our Thanksgiving break! We came to Texas Oncology and handed out beautiful glass ornaments filled with nature and love. Our preserved moss and colorful leaves remind you of the beauty of fall. I love going out on walks to see the colorfulness of the season, and this made us decide to share the peace of fall with others. We also made soft scarves to help bring people warmth in this cold time of the year. I hope everyone has a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving!

Happy Halloween at Children's 10/15/2019

Halloween is almost here! We're so excited, and we made sure to show it in our creatures. Hand painting on the faces was a lot of fun, there is even a cat faced ghost! We hope these sweet ghosts, pumpkins and monsters bring some extra love to patients battling cancer this month. We will continue to pray for them and all brave warriors battling cancer.

Childhood cancer awareness month 09/16/2019

In honor of Childhood cancer awareness month we made some superhero capes and pillows for some amazing kids fighting cancer. Did you know that every two minutes a kid is diagnosed with cancer? One in five of the children diagnosed will not survive 😢. We hope these capes and pillows make some vary special kids feel like super heroes this month because they ARE SUPERHEROES!!!!!!🦄🤩😁.

Penny, Bonnie, Tom and Spencer - the big brave wolf 08/07/2019

Today the three little pigs and the big brave wolf accompanied us to Texas Oncology. Their names are Penny, Bonnie, and, Tom. Spencer, the big brave wolf protects the pigs at night so other animals don't scare them. All these creatures are filled with so much love and we hope they bring comfort to people fighting cancer.

Christmas in July 07/25/2019

We had so much fun making pillows, capes, hats and bringing gifts to Children's Hospital. Today was Christmas in July at Children's for all the little kids who don't get to see Santa in December. It was our honor to be able to bring a little sunshine to sick kids today. We even got to say Thank you to Santa for coming all the way from the North Pole in summer to visit the kids! We pray that all the kids feel comfort, love and peace while they are fighting and recovering this summer.

Fourth of July 07/03/2019

It was a wonderful week making and delivering Fourth of July comfort items for patients at Texas Oncology and Children's Hospital. At Texas Oncology we were blessed to meet an old friend from years ago. We met her when we were just starting to make pillows. She saw us there and recognized us immediately, holding one of the first neck pillows we ever made. She has brought it to every treatment she has ever gone to. Moments like this is what inspires us to to better, and reminds os of the real goal, to make others happy even in bad situations.

Today we visited Children's Hospital, bringing over more pillows to give love and comfort to all the kids there. It always brings us joy to see our friend, Liliana at the hospital. She is such a beautiful and caring person, making everyone at Children's feel loved.

April Easter Creatures 04/19/2019

Happy Good Friday! This month we filled Easter eggs with mouthwatering candies and squishy stress relievers. We also made cuddly, adorable bunnies and Easter egg pillows. We had so much fun delivering the creatures and eggs to both Texas Oncology and Children's Hospital. We hope these sweet creatures help cancer patients feel extra comfort and love and we hope they have a joyful Easter.

Valentines love 02/14/2019

Happy Valentines day! It was wonderful to bring love to people fighting cancer today. We hope the heart pillows and valentines bring a little bit of love and comfort to some awesome patients today. They are amazing!

Mastectomy pillows! 01/21/2019

We decided to make mastectomy pillows for people who have fought breast cancer. We got the idea from the wonderful nurses at Texas Oncology. After breast cancer and surgery, there is a lot of pain on the chest and under the arms. These pillows were made to provide comfort and to keep things from rubbing on the scars while they heal.

Now breast cancer patients can put on a seat belt, lay down and put their arms down without anything rubbing on their scars. We never thought about how uncomfortable it must be to put on a seat belt after breast cancer surgery, now we know. We made two kinds. One type is for just one breast and it is a heart shape. The second one is for patients who have had double breast cancer. We really hope these pillows bring some love and comfort to patients recovering from breast cancer surgery.