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UNT fans unite 10/16/2022

We had a request for a man fighting leukemia. He is a husband, father, UNT alum and Cowboy and Rangers fan. We were happy to make a comfort pillow for him with his mascot - the Eagle. The Eagle represents keen eye, strength, independence and loyalty. We hope the warrior feels all of these during this time. The capes are for him and his family - a reminder that he is strong, loved by friends and family and is a superhero for fighting cancer.

College Edition 05/18/2017

This is our college creatures edition. We made Texas Tech, Texas A and M and Ohio State blankets and creature pillows. The blankets also come with head wraps to keep your head cozy during cancer treatments. If you know any fans of these colleges who are going through treatment let us know so we can give you a blanket or pillow creature. We hope these blankets and creature pillows bring love and comfort during a cancer patients treatment. 😊🦄🐱