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Lucy Lu Doggy Treats 04/01/2023

We had the pleasure of meeting two amazing women last week. They are the founders of Lucy Lu Doggy Treats. We all know the importance of eating good ourselves to have and maintain a healthy life . It is also important to give that same respect to the pets we love. If you are looking for a way to add extra love to your pets day with healthy food and supplements, this is a great resource.

LaShonda Walpool

Pets need comfort too 03/09/2023

Our incredible dog had to have a tumor removal in December. The doctor was phenomenal but our dog was sent home with a cone on his head and looking very sad. We decided we wanted to make him feel like the amazing boy he is. Once his cone was removed, we replaced it with a Superhero cape and cozy pillow to relax on. You could see his confidence and comfort come back right away. We decided to make and deliver dog capes and comfort pillows to other dogs (and even cats) who need a cape and pillow after surgery to remind them of how amazing they are. If you know a dog or cat who could use a comfort pillow and/or cape, we'd be happy to make one for them.

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