News & Events - 2016

Poppy 12/29/2016

This is Poppy. Poppy from the movie Trolls was our inspiration for her. We made her soft and full of love. We also spent time playing with her and showing her around our street. We are also writing the story of our creatures and their birthdate now so the person who gets it will know their name and story.

We hope Poppy brings some love and comfort to a cancer patient.

Bei Bei 11/20/2016

This is Bei Bei. His name means precious treasure and we made this after a real panda named Bei Bei. Bei Bei is so adorable! We asked our mom if we could get a baby panda and she said no so we made this. We're giving it lots of love until he is given to someone else.

Polar 11/15/2016

This is Polar. She loves cold snow and warm cocoa. She also loves playing with her animal friends. She is super soft and cuddly and we hope she brings some love and comfort to a cancer patient.

Jingle Cat 11/07/2016

This is Jingle cat. She is the sweetest kitty you will every know. She is made with cute christmas kitties all over her to bring joy to a person with cancer. Can you tell I love kittens? I hope a person fighting cancer who loves kitties will get comfort through Jingle cat.

Pom Pom 11/04/2016

This is Pom Pom. She is a super adorable and sweet cat. She has pom pom on her ears that she always trys to catch. We hope Pom Pom brings some relaxation time to a person going through cancer.

Ballerina 11/01/2016

This is little Ballerina. She loves to dance but loves to sing the most. She is wearing her fanciest tutu and bow. Even though she is all dressed up she is still soft and cuddly. We hope she brings love and cuddles to a person getting cancer treatment.

Heart Sprinkles Winkles 10/28/2016

Heart Sprinkles Winkles has arrived. She loves hot coco but especially loves people who have cancer. We hope she brings comfort to a person fighting cancer.

Ella 10/26/2016

This is Ella. She is a colorful elephant filled with love and joy. We hope she brings comfort to someone fighting cancer.

Lulu Pumpkin 10/21/2016

This is Lulu Pumpkin. We made another pumpkin to keep the other pumpkin company. Lulu loves Halloween. She only has treats and no tricks though. Her treat is bringing love to a cancer patient before Halloween.

Frisbee and Petals 09/24/2016

Thank you so much to Camille, Chloe, and Juliette! They sent these Creatures from their non profit organization Creatures against Cancer all the way from Texas! Lee loves them and they will make her smile when she is home or away from home getting treatments. They are Frisbee and Petals....and came with other treats to make her comfortable during treatments.

Stripey 05/24/2016

This is Stripey. We made him from material that Ms. Caryn Tropea Bartle gave us. Stripey loves to eat plants and enjoys reading. Juliet brought stripey to her kindergarten reading cafe today and served Stripey a story. She also served us and our mom a story. I hope Stripey brings love to a person fighting cancer.

Happy Cat 05/23/2016

This is Happy Cat. Happy Cat is always smiling and bringing joy to those around her. She just can't help being happy about something. She loves to bring comfort to cancer patients and survivors. We know you'll love her just as much as we do. We hope this will bring love and happiness to a cancer patient.

Doc 05/20/2016

This is creature is named Doc and he's a creature Doctor. Don't worry his needle only has a shot of love in it. We hope it will bring love and comfort to a person fighting cancer.

Love, Courage and Strength - and elephant family 05/16/2016

These are special elephants that took us so long to make, maybe six hours. We had to restart a lot because the thread got caught around the trunk a lot. We found super fancy material from my moms closet and made the ears and tail with it. We made them for a little girl who has been fighting cancer for a long time. We don't know her but our mom's friend knows her. We named the mommy elephant Love and the baby elephants Courage and Strength. We pray that the little girl will get the love, courage and strength she needs to finally win her battle with cancer. We're loving her with these elephants and praying for her.

Lemonade 05/15/2016

We named this creature Lemonade. He likes to store lemonade in his pockets. We liked drinking the left over lemonade with him today. We hope he will bring comfort and good lemonade to a person going through cancer treatment.

Meow 05/04/2016

This is Meow. She was made for a very special lady named Rose. Can everyone say a prayer for Rose as she can't have any more cancer treatment and needs prayers. I hope Meow brings a smile to her face.

Michelle 04/30/2016

We named this beauty Michelle. Michelle is beautiful, a fighter and loves to teach! We know she'll bring love to a cancer patient!

Sweet Creeps 04/28/2016

This is sweet creeps. He may look a lot like a minecraft creeper, but there is nothing scary about him. He is even guarding the other creatures against cancer. He is here to bring hugs and love to a cancer patient.

Storm and Tornado 04/26/2016

These two are named Storm and tornado. Storm is hiding in the bush so you might miss him. This storm and tornado won't do any damage to your house. They are here to bring love to cancer patients.

Pumpkin Pie the whale 04/24/2016

This is our new creature Pumpkin Pie. You may think he likes to eat fish but he loves to eat pumpkin pie for breakfast. I hope he will bring fun times and love to a cancer patient.

Cuddles 04/18/2016

This is Cuddles. She loves Cuddles, story time and macaroni and cheese. We hope she will bring happiness to a person fighting cancer.

Sting 04/16/2016

This is Sting. He loves the outdoors, honey and good music. We know he will bring love to a cancer patient.

Petal 04/15/2016

This is Petal and she like to go in the garden and hide in the flowers. That is how she gets petals all over her. One day a princess came and gave her the crown. Juliet is borrowing her crown. Petal will make a cancer patient feel like a princess!

Jules 04/12/2016

This Creature we named Jules. She is so beautiful and loves to listen to music at night and read poetry. She pray she will bring joy to a cancer patient.

Warrior 04/10/2016

This creature is named Warrior because he is camouflaged like a warrior. We hope that he will help give comfort to a person fighting cancer. Chloe is still hugging the Babycakes creature because she loves her so much.

Hoot and Ping 04/07/2016

This is Hoot and Ping. Hoot is being a hoot and flying around Juliet's room. Ping is being good and reading. Ping is reading Dork diaries. They will bring playfulness and fun to a cancer patient.

Babycakes 04/05/2016

This is are new creature Babycakes. She is a cute baby. She is sweet but........... she crys sometimes. The third picture is Babycakes in her bed. She will be VERY sweet and kind when she is adopted by a cancer patient.

Sully 04/04/2016

I had to stay home from school today because my allergies were so bad. I made the day good by making this cute adorable creature. I named him Sully. Sully is a girls or boys best friend and loves to take walks and play. I know Sully will bring love to a cancer patient!

Octo the octopus 04/03/2016

This is Octo the octopus. He has extra arms to give extra hugs to a person fighting cancer.

Lucky Charms 04/01/2016

We named this creature Lucky And its last name is Charms. Lucky helps Lenny the leprechan. We hope it brings luck to someone who's fighting cancer.

Dr. Thulip 03/30/2016

We made this creature and named her Dr. Thulip. She is as pretty as a tulip and is a doctor who researches cancer. See her looking at the cancer cells in the microscope? I hope we can cure cancer soon and our hope is this creature gives comfort to the cancer patient receiving it. Amen.


LOVEYLOVEKINS creature was made on my mom and dads 11th anniversary. We hope it brings love to a cancer patient.

Desmond the bat / night owl 03/26/2016

Our new creature is named Desmond. He doesnt sleep alot at night and sometimes he's a bat and sometimes a night owl, he transforms. We hope he will help a person fighting cancer sleep at night. May all cancer patients and everyone else have a happy Easter tomorrow.

Sunshine 03/26/2016

Sunshine was delivered today. I hope she give comfort to the girl who received her. We make all our creatures by hand with love.

Sea Shell and Shallow 03/25/2016

We named these two creatures Sea Shell and Shallow. They like to skateboard when they're not swimming. This is for a little boy who went to preschool with Juliet and is fighting cancer. A lot of prayers are going to this boy

Sally 03/24/2016

This is our newest member of the creature club, her name is Sally

Lilac 03/24/2016

This is Lilac. She loves fashion and she spends 2 hours to find the best lip gloss every day and 5 hours of just finding a dress to wear.

Jude and Lucas 03/23/2016

We named these two wild creatures Jude and Lucas. I know saint Jude helps kids with cancer and Lucas is named after our cousin. We hope they help a cancer patient soon.

Eli 03/22/2016

We named this creature Eli. He's being delivered to an awesome cancer fighter tomorrow

Flower 03/21/2016

This little creature we named Flower. We delivered her to a teacher's mom who has been fighting cancer.

Cuddles 03/21/2016

This little creature we named Cuddles. Cuddles loves hugs and is sweet and quiet. We're bringing her to a sick lady who is fighting cancer.

Pinky the Owl 03/19/2016

This is Pinky the owl. Hootie likes to hang out around people and watch the fun but is a little shy so try not to surprise her. Pinky's favorite color is pink!

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