News & Events - memorial

Naty, we remember you 05/26/2018

We made a cape in honor of a super nice lady. We are giving the cape to her husband in honor of her memory. We first met Naty when we had our first lemonade stand. She told us how she was fighting breast cancer. We became friends and would visit each other. She alway came to all of our lemonade stands and would drink lemonade and talk with us. She also liked taking pictures with us.

She always made us laugh and called us her babies. Then she would tell us to wear more sunscreen. We know she loved flowers and thats why we made her hair with flowers on the cape. She also was a mom and a wife and we put those symbols on the cape. Her nick name was navidad so we put an angel on the cape. We put lemonade on it because thats where we first met her. We also got a pink rose plant for her family to have in honor of her. Im very sad that she is gone but I know she in heaven so thats good and makes me happier that she's with angels.

Volleyball memorial 03/26/2017

We made this volleyball blanket and pillow set in honor of Andie Collins. She was a 17 year old girl who died from breast cancer. I didn't even know you could be a teenager and die from breast cancer. Our mom said Andie loved volleyball and so this was the perfect material to use in her memory. We hope this blanket and pillow set bring love and comfort to another kid who is fighting cancer.