News & Events - blanket

September Heros 09/30/2017

Because today is the last day in September, we wanted to bring some love to kids fighting cancer. We brought some capes, blankets, and creature pillows to Children's hospital to give them some comfort during their treatment. We hope one day there is a cure for all kinds of cancer.

Angry birds blankets 09/16/2017

We know it must be hard when kids have to go in for cancer treatment. We made more angry bird blankets and pillows so they can get some coziness and warmth. We hope that doctors can find a cure for childhood cancer. Until that happens we will try and bring them love and comfort.

Volleyball memorial 03/26/2017

We made this volleyball blanket and pillow set in honor of Andie Collins. She was a 17 year old girl who died from breast cancer. I didn't even know you could be a teenager and die from breast cancer. Our mom said Andie loved volleyball and so this was the perfect material to use in her memory. We hope this blanket and pillow set bring love and comfort to another kid who is fighting cancer.

Spring Birds 03/18/2017

We got some awesome material from a neighbor and decided it would make a perfect blanket and pillow for a kid fighting cancer. This material is so super soft and has awesome angry birds all over it. It's the first time we made a blanket. We hope this pillow and blanket brings some love, comfort and smiles to a kids fighting cancer.