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To Allen TX with love 09/12/2023

To Allen TX with love,
A woman will be undergoing a double mastectomy. Her daughter requested a pillow to help with comfort during recovery. We were happy to make two pillows to help during her post op recovery. There are a few other comfort items so she can focus on self-love. The cape is a reminder that she is a beautiful superhero for fighting cancer.

To Portland Oregon with love 08/30/2023

To Portland Oregon with love,
A lady is battling breast cancer. She requested a comfort pillow to bring with her to appointments. We were happy to send her a cozy little dog pillow as well as a mastectomy pillow that she can bring in the car. We hope these bring comfort during treatment and that she sees them as a daily reminder that she is loved and prayed for.

August pillow making 08/27/2023

August pillow making, double mastectomy pillow. We hope this pillow brings comfort to a cancer warrior.

Single & Double mastectomy pillows, neck pillows 07/28/2023

Single & Double mastectomy pillows. Cute neck pillows to bring to appointments 😊. If you know someone who could use some extra comfort during treatment, send us a message

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To North Dakota with love 06/16/2023

To North Dakota with love,
A lady had a single mastectomy. She has had complications after the surgery and is going through a lot she wasn't expecting. She could use a mastectomy pillow. We hope the pillow brings a little extra comfort and love and she knows that we are thinking of her. The cape is a reminder that she is a hero. Nobody expects complications in treatment. We hope this lady feels the encouragement and love from doctors, friends, family and community that she needs.

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To Missouri with love 05/09/2023

A lady is going to have a double mastectomy. She requested a pillow to help her when she drives. She is also in need of a neck pillow for appointments. We were happy to send her a "Groovy" Double Mastectomy pillow as well as a portable car pillow. We hope her journey makes her stronger and her story of resilience more beautiful.

To Plano Tx with love, 05/03/2023

A daughter requested a double mastectomy and neck pillow for her mom. She had surgery and could use comfort pillows post surgery. We hope these pillows bring some comfort. The cape is a reminder that she is a true superhero for fighting cancer. This mom is loved and prayed for.

To Allen Tx with love, 05/02/2023

A single mastectomy pillow for a lady who recently had surgery. We added a strap so it is easy to carry in the car and to appointments. The Superhero cape is a reminder that she is a superhero for fighting cancer and to always know there is Faith, Hope and Love surrounding her.

To Plano Tx, with love, 05/01/2023

A young mom had to undergo a double mastectomy. She is a beautiful wife and an amazing mom to three young boys. Her neighbor wanted to do something to help so she requested a pillow and some comfort items for her. We were happy to make a double mastectomy pillow as well as superhero pillows and capes for her and her boys. Nothing Bundtlets are something sweet to add to her day. We hope she knows she is loved and supported by so many.

Solis Mammogram 04/05/2023

Mastectomy pillows delivered to Solis Mammogram today. If you know a friend, family member or loved one that could benefit from a mastectomy pillow, feel free to send us a message through our website. Have a great day!

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