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Breast cancer awareness bundtlets 06/02/2023

Breast Cancer Awareness bundtlets. A sweet treat in support of those fighting breast cancer. Free to cancer patients and their family. To make a request, just send us a message. Collin County/DFW area.

Memorial Day 05/31/2023

Memorial Day themed bundtlets and pillows dropped off to those in the community who have lost loved ones in service to our country. May their life, legacy and purpose forever stay in our hearts.

Mother's Day 2023 05/14/2023

Mother's Day '23. Extremely blessed to have amazing daughters who I love more than anything. God is Good Past, Present and Future. I thank him for the love I have everyday. ❤️

Halloween at Children's 10/28/2022

Lolly, Pumpkin, Spunky and Giggles are full of love and laughter. They were made to bring comfort to kids with boo-boos. They come with their own tutu that kids can wear and twirl around in while getting better at the hospital.

Halloween fun at Children's 10/21/2021

Custom Halloween superhero capes and trick or treat buckets for some sweet kids at Children's Hospital. We love that they will be able to have some fun on Halloween.
— at Children's Medical Center Plano.

Happy Holidays from CAC 12/23/2019

There is no better way to spend the holiday than to give the gift of love to others. We were able to buy some special gifts and make pillows for the kids at Children's. We were so happy to get to see Flora, the resident therapy dog, walking around the halls today. Along with that, it was very festive with all the many sparkly Christmas decorations adorning the entrance. We also had the pleasure of going to Texas Oncology. We loved seeing the smiles on patients faces while giving out fluffy pillows and handmade ornaments filled with snow and chocolate. I hope everybody has a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a blessed holiday season.

Thanksgiving giving 11/25/2019

What a wonderful way to start our Thanksgiving break! We came to Texas Oncology and handed out beautiful glass ornaments filled with nature and love. Our preserved moss and colorful leaves remind you of the beauty of fall. I love going out on walks to see the colorfulness of the season, and this made us decide to share the peace of fall with others. We also made soft scarves to help bring people warmth in this cold time of the year. I hope everyone has a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving!

Happy Halloween at Children's 10/15/2019

Halloween is almost here! We're so excited, and we made sure to show it in our creatures. Hand painting on the faces was a lot of fun, there is even a cat faced ghost! We hope these sweet ghosts, pumpkins and monsters bring some extra love to patients battling cancer this month. We will continue to pray for them and all brave warriors battling cancer.

April Easter Creatures 04/19/2019

Happy Good Friday! This month we filled Easter eggs with mouthwatering candies and squishy stress relievers. We also made cuddly, adorable bunnies and Easter egg pillows. We had so much fun delivering the creatures and eggs to both Texas Oncology and Children's Hospital. We hope these sweet creatures help cancer patients feel extra comfort and love and we hope they have a joyful Easter.

Valentines love 02/14/2019

Happy Valentines day! It was wonderful to bring love to people fighting cancer today. We hope the heart pillows and valentines bring a little bit of love and comfort to some awesome patients today. They are amazing!

Holiday Creatures 12/19/2018

We made our last delivery of the year! It was so special to bring Holiday creatures and scarves to the amazing cancer fighters at Texas Oncology. Today every seat in the infusion room was filled! We can't believe how brave everyone is to fight so hard, especially during Christmas. Our hearts felt so special when one of the patients said they love seeing us every time we come. They started crying, but happy tears. We have so much love for everyone we know going through this and pray their recovery is fast and filled with comfort. We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

November Thanksgiving 11/20/2018

We had a fantastic start to August! We were able to bring summer hats and creatures to some amazing people fighting cancer at Texas Oncology and Children's Hospital! We also made slime for all the parents at Texas Oncology who have kids. They loved it! Some even said they would share slime with their kids friends. Our owl creature with her two baby owls went to the perfect person- a mom with two kids who are 6 and nine years old. The mom loved the owl and said that her kids would love the baby owls. We also loved finding Nemo in the fish tank. There are so many cool and different fish and we could watch them play for a long time. We loved ending our trip playing by the Story Tree at Children's hospital. It is the most perfect tree. It would be awesome if they put a treehouse in it so kids could climb up in it and play and read all day.

Halloween Delight 10/09/2018

Today we went to Texas Oncology and Children's to bring some Halloween delight to patients. You might think these creatures are scary but they are the cutest, and sweetest creatures that you'll ever meet. There are two ghosts named Boo and Bella. Boo is very sweet and is a gentlemen. Bella is super sweet and kind. Sometimes she is a bit mischievous though. There is also Stripes the slithery snake. He brings good vibes to everyone he meets. Next we brought Spinderella. She loves to spin a web of beauty around every person she sees. We also brought pink Hershey kisses in honor of breast cancer awareness month. We hope these Halloween creatures bring love and comfort to people fighting cancer.

Fourth of July 07/03/2018

Since it is the Fourth of July tomorrow we wanted to bring special creatures, hats and pillows to people fighting cancer. We know a lot of people don't have the energy to celebrate when they are sick so we wanted to still let them know we understand and want to give them comfort during their treatments.

We visited Texas Oncology today and it was a very special day. We met a person who started their first day of treatment. We also met someone on their last day of treatment. Today was also awesome because we also got to talk with someone we met when he started his first day of treatment months ago and found out today was also his last day of treatment! That was so special. He reminded us that we gave him a llama stuffed animal on his first treatment day and he still has it! We hope everyone fighting cancer feels love and comfort on this Fourth of July.

Mother's Day 05/11/2018

Since Mother's Day is coming up, we wanted to do something special for people fighting cancer. We brought creatures, flowers, and chocolate for people getting treatment. The nurses also created a super cool pet wall. The wall has pictures of cute pets. Some of the pets are silly, like a taco dog, and others were just plain cute. There were even some chickens! If anyone wants to post a picture of their pet, we will print it out and add it to the pet wall to cheer up some patients at Texas Oncology. We hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day.

Easter Creature Fun 03/30/2018

We made some special Easter creatures for the kids at Children's Hospital. Bunnies, chicks, and eggs to bring comfort for these sweet kids. We hope all the kids have a wonderful Passover and Easter and that they are given lots of love during their treatment.

Spring Break! 03/15/2018

Today was our favorite day of spring break. We went to Texas Oncology and brought love and spring creatures to cancer patients. We also brought Easter eggs filled with candy and gave them to everyone in the waiting room. The Easter eggs were super yummy! We know it must be hard for everyone getting treatment but hopefully their treatment is quick and they get lots of love during it. We pray that everybody with cancer will get some comfort, peace, and love.

More Valentines 02/28/2018

These are more of our special edition valentine pillows. They are all hearts so the people getting them know that they are loved by so many people. Even people they don't really know. We hope these bring some love and comfort to a patient this valentines day.

Also, if you know someone fighting cancer and want a creature or pillow to give them before Valentines day, let us know.

Christmas at Texas Oncology 12/21/2017

We had a great morning and last creature visit for the year. We went to Texas Oncology to bring some Christmas love. We filled a Santa sack full of gloves, treats, and creatures. We also had a great time taking photos with Christmas props. We also got a wonderful card from our nurse friend who no longer works there. She turned our picture into a Christmas picture and it is so cute! We were also blessed to bring in checks worth $500 for cancer patients that are behind on their payments. Thank you everyone for supporting us through the year and making everything we do possible. We tagged some people who helped make this year possible with all their love and support. Thank you for helping us bring love and comfort all year to those who need it!

Holiday and Christmas pillows 12/03/2017

Theses are some of our holiday and Christmas pillows. On some of the pillows we put a Hanukkah star, a stocking, a sleigh, bells, and snowmen. We hope these pillows bring comfort, joy, and holiday spirit to a person fighting cancer this season.

Father's Day 06/06/2017

Since Fathers Day is coming up we made some Fathers Day edition creatures Coconut is the monkey. Mr. Dabcat is the cat pillow. Our last creature is the famous Millenial Falcoln. These creatures love to hug and be silly. They are funny and cute. We hope these creatures bring love and joy to people fighting cancer this Fathers Day.

Memorial Day 05/27/2017

In honor of Memorial Day we have been making these pillows during the week. They are all made with a lot of love and thought for those who fought in our military. We hope these pillows bring love and comfort to a cancer patient.

Easter pillows 04/14/2017

It was such a great morning for our creatures to visit Texas Oncology today! It was really busy there today! We got to meet so many sweet people. We are super happy they loved the creatures and a few laid down on them right away. The nurses loved the STICK IT TO CANCER creatures also! We hope everyone fighting cancer this Easter season gets some peace and comfort knowing that we love them and are praying for them.

Valentines Day! 02/14/2017

Today is so special. It is Valentines Day! Thats why cancer patients need extra love. Not everyone can eat candy on valentines because treatment is very painful. We came to bring love to these cancer patients and show them that they are loved. The best part was meeting a lady we saw on the news!!!! My mom thought she was a model but she told us she was a teacher and she was on the news because of her cancer. She is getting treatment for cancer and is still teaching special education during treatment!!!! She doesn't even look like she is getting treatment because she is so beautiful and kind. Well everyone there is beautiful and kind. I am so glad that we were able to give these wonderful people a little love today. Our hearts are full of so much love for them because cancer is hard but they fight it so beautifully.