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Thank you, Kendra Scott @ Watters Creek! 03/25/2023

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came out today to support us. We had the biggest turnout since we have partnered with Kendra Scott. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! We always are extremely grateful to teachers, friends, neighbors, doctors, friends, everyone who has supported us all these years. YOU are amazing and we are always grateful for your love and support! See you at Kendra Scott again next year!

Join us to help raise funds @ Kendra Scott / Watters Creek 03/20/2023

Please Join us this Saturday, March 25th from 2-4 at Kendra Scott in Watters Creek. . This is one of our favorite events and we love seeing friends and supporters there. If you can't make it you can shop online with the code GIVEBACK-DPUAI

Pets need comfort too 03/09/2023

Our incredible dog had to have a tumor removal in December. The doctor was phenomenal but our dog was sent home with a cone on his head and looking very sad. We decided we wanted to make him feel like the amazing boy he is. Once his cone was removed, we replaced it with a Superhero cape and cozy pillow to relax on. You could see his confidence and comfort come back right away. We decided to make and deliver dog capes and comfort pillows to other dogs (and even cats) who need a cape and pillow after surgery to remind them of how amazing they are. If you know a dog or cat who could use a comfort pillow and/or cape, we'd be happy to make one for them.

Request a pillow or cape!

Notes of gratitiude 03/07/2023

We love the little notes of gratitude that are sent. It is always beautiful to hear that our comfort creatures have helped during someones treatment or recovery πŸ₯°

Volunteers Making Port Pillows for Cancer Patients 03/04/2023

Had a great day with great volunteers making port pillows for cancer patients. After mastectomy surgy the seatbelt can irritate your surgery incisions. The pillow is for post surgery to protect surgery incisions and sore sites while you drive. We decided to make these because a lot of time people forget their larger mastectomy pillow when they drive. These strap onto the seat belt so it is almost impossible to forget them. you can keep them strapped on the seatbelt for travel and have a larger mastectomy pillow that stays in your house.

Panera Bread & Desserts for Cancer Patients 02/25/2023

If you know a family going through cancer or recovery that could use Panera bread and desserts, let us know. We are in Collin County (Allen/Plano/Mckinney area). Send us a message when you would like to pick it up and how much (an individual or enough for a family). Pick up Saturday and Sunday only.

Click here to request a pick up or delivery

Leisa's Kids & Creatures Against Cancer 02/21/2023

We ❀️ Creatures Against Cancer and teaming up with local nonprofits here in Texas! A huge thank you to Lisa Hatfield and her amazing crew for gifting Leia's Kids with personalized capes and tutu’s for our warriors!

Check out their amazing nonprofit and how they are creating hope for fighters! πŸŽ—πŸ’›

Volunteers needed! 02/19/2023

We will be having a volunteer day on Saturday March 4th from 2-4. We need help making capes, creature and mastectomy pillows. Any and all help by kids and adults is greatly appreciated. πŸ™‚. If you're interested, visit our volunteer signup page.

Superhero capes for kids going through cancer 02/15/2023

Any kid going through cancer should feel and knowing that they are a superhero and nothing less. May God bless and be with all kids who are fighting.

Valentine tutus for for some amazing kids battling cancer 02/14/2023

Each tutu is unique with kid themes - snack time, fun with pom poms, sweet as cherries, fly like a butterly, painting fun, unicorn wishes, fun with flowers etc. We were happy to make these for Leia's Kids which honors each child going through cancer and their family through a Crown-A-Kid party. This is a time to celebrate and encourage the child and family in the biggest battle of their lives.

We hope the kids feel extra love this Valentines Day and know that they are prayed for, loved and celebrated everyday by so many.

Mastectomy Pillows 01/25/2023

If anyone is in need of a mastectomy pillow, feel free to send us a message β™₯️ Have a wonderful day!

Click here to request a mastectomy pillow

The Lounge - Vision 01/16/2023

This is our vision for The Lounge. A retreat away from the worst experience of one's life. When someone is going through cancer, there is not a lot to look forward to and the physical and emotional toll is something most places do not understand. The Lounge will be a place a cancer patient and their family can look forward to.

Click here to sign up or become a donor or sponsor

Fundraising with Fish City Grill 01/15/2023

Fish City Grill will be raising funds for Creatures Against Cancer with it's First Tuesday charity sales event on Feb 7th, 2023.

15% of all sales will be donated to Creatures Against Cancer. Please come out and support us by enjoying a delicious meal. We will be there from 5-7pm but you can come anytime during the day, enjoy some great food and help raise funds for our cause.

If you are unable to make it out, you can still help by ordering online through the Watters Creek location: You can have it delivered or pick it up on your way home.

Learn more about Fish City Grill and their First Tuesday charity sales event at

If you can't decide what to order, we recommend the Oyster Nachos to start and the Garlic Caper Grilled Salmon entree. If Seafood isn't your thing they have a Darn Good Burger or Andouille Grilled Chicken. Both are amazing and you can't go wrong with either one. Check out their full menu here: Watter's Creek Menu

Santas Workshop 12/11/2022

We had a wonderful day building and helping at Santa's workshop. We set up magical scenes and helped kids have an amazing time with Santa, a real reindeer, a hot cocoa booth and games. The highlight was seeing all the tutus we personally made being bought and 100% of the proceeds going to Children's Hospital. Kids loved dancing around and having a wonderful time in them. Elsa herself loved them and bought one for herself. There is no better way to spend the holidays than bringing love and joy to those who need it. We enjoy seeing the true meaning of the holidays around us as it is always filled with love and beauty.

Send love!!!!! 11/28/2022

We have a Texas mom going through breast cancer that could really use some help with household essentials - toilet paper and paper towels being the number one need. If anyone can help out, I created a amazon wishlist for her. If you would like to help her directly, feel free to message me and I will send you her contact info. Thank you and have a wonderful day! Amazon Wishlist for Mildred

Send stuffing!!!!! 11/21/2022

We are in need of some basic pillow and cape supplies. If anyone is able and willing to purchase an item off of our wishlist, it will help us a lot. The item should be automatically sent to our address. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! CAC Amazon Wishlist

Santa's Workshop 11/10/2022

πŸŽ… Santa's Workshop is only a month away! Join us in person at the Westin Stonebriar Golf Resort & Spa on December 11th from 9-11:30 am. Santa's Workshop has a new look this year along with new activities including a hot chocolate stand, games, crafts, and a few surprise guests! Photos with Santa and buffet breakfast also included with ticket. Purchase tickets here

We are so excited to announce Santa's Workshop is back and in person! After 2 long years we are ready to celebrate the holidays in person. πŸŽ… Santa's Workshop has a new look this year along with new activities including a hot chocolate stand, games, crafts, and a few surprise guests! Join us Sunday, December 11th from 9-11:30 AM at the Westin Stonebriar Golf Resort & Spa.

Children's Hospital Plano playground opening reception 09/24/2022

It was wonderful to be able to see Children's outdoor playground. The hospital is expanding and has added a beautiful space for kids to play safely outside. It is an awesome addition as kids don't have to stay in a hospital room all day. They can get treatment and run around outside. For kids that do not have a lot of energy to run, there are gentle swings and areas to sit. When siblings come to visit they can also play on the playground. Children's is amazing and always coming up with innovative ways to make life better for kids.

Volunteer Mckinney 08/25/2022

Lisa Hatfield nominated for Volunteer of the Year in McKinney, TX

"It was such an honor to be a part of the Volunteer Mckinney Gala. To be nominated as 'Volunteer of the Year' and to be surrounded with amazing people is humbling and my heart is filled with so much gratitude. An extraordinary lady named Donna Loughmiller was honored with Volunteer of the year and she is extremely deserving of it."
"The nomination itself was such an honor. The room was filled with awe inspiring youth through seasoned retirees to doctors who spend their time serving others. There were organizations that lift up special needs kids with love and enthusiasm as well as groups that ensure the elderly in the communities are cared for and feel loved and supported. It was such a beautiful night and a wonderful way to acknowledge all the good that is around us."

Taverna Rossa 06/08/2022

Come join us this Wednesday, June 6th at Taverna Rossa. Craft Pizza & Beer (for folks over 21) and great company!

Taverna Rossa
4005 Preston Road, Plano, TX. 75093

Samaritan Inn - Slide on in to Summer Event 04/30/2022

If you are looking for something FUN to do today, Samaritan Inn Slide on in to Summer Event is the place! There is live music, games, food, activities and more. It is also supporting an amazing organization. Now until 2:30. Come and do Good while having FUN!!!!

Bask on the Boardwalk aka Cape Day at Granite Park 04/27/2022

We are at Granite Park for Cape Day with Children’s Hospital. Great music, lots of fun. Come on down!!!

Partnering with Panera 12/09/2021

Come join us this Sunday at Panera. There will be good food for a GREAT CAUSE!!

Conversation with Mary Crowley 12/02/2021

We had an informative and inspiring meeting with the Mary Crowley Foundation. This is a cancer research foundation that offers new investigational cancer therapies through stage 1 and stage 2 clinical trials- focusing on targeted cellular and gene therapy.

Partnering with Panda Express 11/29/2021

We will be at Panda Express on 12/4 raising money for Creatures Against Cancer. Come by 1121 East Spring Creek Parkway from 10:30a.m. to 9:30 p.m. If you can't make it, you can order online with the code 331862.

It will be a great day to do Good in the Community!

Partnering with Chipotle 11/07/2021

We are going to be at CHIPOTLE on Saturday November 13th from 4-8p.m! We would LOVE it if some friends would get some delicious food there. It is going to be at 500 E Spring Creek Pkwy. Plano, 75074. If you can't make it in person, you can order online for pickup- just use the code VNX6X3K. πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‹

Event with Kendra Scott 10/21/2021

We are having an event with Kendra Scott in Watters Creek on October 26th from 6-8 p.m. 20% of the purchases will be donated to Creatures Against Cancer. We hope some friends can make it and help us bring love and comfort to cancer patients. The details are in the link.

Samaritan Inn holiday door wreaths 10/06/2021

We had a vision of brightening up the front doors of the residents at the Samaritan Inn. We wanted the residents to feel the warmth and love of the community as they walked in their doors. We had a great time making 50 wreaths for all the residents doors. We hope they feel the love from the community and that they know there is hope for a better future.

Lunchboxes with Love 06/25/2021

What a wonderful week! It's been a long year and a half but we are back to doing what we love. We spent time making comfort boxes and bringing them to Texas Oncology and Children's Hospital. It was so wonderful to be able to visit with the patients at Texas Oncology again and bring a little sunshine to their day. Seeing their smile while going through treatment is something that always warms our heart.

We ALWAYS love being able to also put together love for the sweet kids at Children's. They are warriors who inspire everyone. It always lifts our souls when we are able to bring a little love to others going through tough times.

Naty, we remember you 05/26/2018

We made a cape in honor of a super nice lady. We are giving the cape to her husband in honor of her memory. We first met Naty when we had our first lemonade stand. She told us how she was fighting breast cancer. We became friends and would visit each other. She alway came to all of our lemonade stands and would drink lemonade and talk with us. She also liked taking pictures with us.

She always made us laugh and called us her babies. Then she would tell us to wear more sunscreen. We know she loved flowers and thats why we made her hair with flowers on the cape. She also was a mom and a wife and we put those symbols on the cape. Her nick name was navidad so we put an angel on the cape. We put lemonade on it because thats where we first met her. We also got a pink rose plant for her family to have in honor of her. Im very sad that she is gone but I know she in heaven so thats good and makes me happier that she's with angels.

Texas Oncology Holidays 11/22/2017

Today we had an awesome morning. We brought lots of pillows, creatures and cozy gloves for the patients at Texas Oncology to give them comfort. The trip was very special because our mom had treatment during this time of year. The treatment made her not be able to taste, smell, or eat. I remember she was in a lot of pain. We know how hard it is for everyone getting treatment. It must be extra hard during Thanksgiving and all the holidays. What was super awesome was we saw two girls who remembered us from our last visit. They came and gave us big hugs. One girl said we came on her very first treatment and today was her last treatment. She was so super sweet. She showed us pictures of us she took last time because she saved them. That made us so happy. We also gave everyone Star Wars lollipops and they loved them. Our hearts know how much pain all cancer patients must be in and we love them and hope they get some happiness and peace.

Give the gift of gloves 11/12/2017

This Thanksgiving and Christmas season we are going to give gloves with every pillow creature we make. We know how cold it can get and wanted to bring extra comfort and love to everyone fighting cancer this time of year. All the gloves we made have symbols of love and hope that we put on them. We hope these gloves will keep cancer patients warm and toasty during the cold months to come.

Super Hero day 10/27/2017

Today was such a great day. At our school, the theme was dress up like your favorite super hero. Since an oncologist saves lives every day, we decided to dressed up like an oncologist. Juliet and I both dressed up like an pediatric oncologist, and Camille dressed up like a normal oncologist. After school we went to Children's Hospital. The first cape is for a very special friend who fought cancer for a long time and won. She is my super hero and friend. It will be my honor to give her a super hero cape tomorrow. The second cape we made is for a wonderful grandma who lives close to us and has been fighting cancer for a very long time. The last cape is for a kid in Children's Hospital. All cancer fighters are our super heroes.

Superhero Day at Beverly Elementary 10/27/2017

Today was superhero day at school. These precious sisters CamilleChloe-Juliet Hatfield are my HEROES for killing Cancer with kindness!!! Thank you Carol Perry for letting me borrow your cape!

Cancer awareness month 09/02/2017

September is childhood cancer awareness month. It's very sad that kids gets cancer. I can't imagine how brave the kids must be to fight cancer everyday. We've been working all week making capes for kids who have cancer to remind them that they are super hero's. We even made gold capes because thats childhood cancer color. We pray for every child who is suffering cancer.

Cancer Warrior 07/27/2017

We had the immense blessing of finally meeting this wonderful man. He is fighting a super rare triple cancer and is literally a warrior!!! He was a teacher and superintendent, but is also a dad, grandpa, husband and animal lover. He is even in super good shape so cancer doesn't care who you are. He gave his blessing to share this and we cant stop thinking or praying for him. His wife is also so super nice and was a fourth grade teacher! We love fourth grade teachers!!! It feels like we were just in a dream because this family is so wonderful and loving yet they have to have cancer. We pray that the doctors are able to take the cancer away and that he gets comfort and love during his treatment!

Rainy Day Lemonade 07/01/2017

Thank you you so so much to everyone who came to our rainy lemonade stand!!!!! We had to move it inside but it was still great. We got to see some awesome neighbors, teachers and friends. It was so funny because my mom would scream when she saw someone and start hugging them before we could. Thank you! And thank you to everyone who always loves our creatures we make!!!!

Hometown Heros Creatures Against Cancer 06/12/2017

Three sisters in Allen have hearts as big as Texas. Juliet is 6, Chloe is 8 and Camille's 10 and they started Creatures Against Cancer.

The girls sew and stuff all kinds of plush animals. They also make blankets and donate them to cancer patients in North Texas hospitals.

See the original post on Fox 4 News

Children's 03/06/2017

We had such an awesome morning! Not only is it Spring break but we got to go to Children's today! We brought a box of creatures for the sweet kids there and we made capes for them! We drew out one of the creatures we made and put it on capes and wrote Super Hero on it. Any person who fights cancer is a real life super hero thats why we made these. Hopefully the creatures give the kids comfort and the cape makes them realize they are amazing and have Super Powers to fight cancer! We also got to go to the Children's Story Tree play ground again and had so much fun blowing away in the wind. HA HA. It was so windy and fun. Oh my goodness and then we met Flora!!!!! Flora is a service dog who visits kids. She is the sweetest dog ever. We pet her for a long time and got to throw her ball and walk her down the hall. What an amazing Spring Break Monday!

Lemonade Friends 02/12/2017

Thank you to everyone who came to our lemonade stand yesterday. At the stand we met the sweetest, adorablest lady ever. Her name is Navida like Christmas in Spanish. She came to get lemonade and a creature to lay on for treatment. She has stage 4 breast cancer and needs all our prayers. Navida just started treatment and is in a lot of pain. Please everyone she asks to be put on your prayer list. Please pray for sweet Navida and her family so she will be in little pain and be ok. Seriously, she is so sweet. It makes us sad that she is in pain.