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To Allen TX with love 09/12/2023

To Allen TX with love,
A woman will be undergoing a double mastectomy. Her daughter requested a pillow to help with comfort during recovery. We were happy to make two pillows to help during her post op recovery. There are a few other comfort items so she can focus on self-love. The cape is a reminder that she is a beautiful superhero for fighting cancer.

To Portland Oregon with love 08/30/2023

To Portland Oregon with love,
A lady is battling breast cancer. She requested a comfort pillow to bring with her to appointments. We were happy to send her a cozy little dog pillow as well as a mastectomy pillow that she can bring in the car. We hope these bring comfort during treatment and that she sees them as a daily reminder that she is loved and prayed for.

River the Blue Retriever Poodle 08/28/2023

Introducing River, the loveable puppy. Our inspiration for this creature pillow was an adorable Blue retriever poodle.

River loves to spend his day running, jumping into lakes and rivers and retrieving lost ducks and birds to their homes. After a full day of exercising and playing, River enjoys a nice salmon, rice and carrot dinner while watching the sunset. This sweet creature is full of love and ready to bring comfort to a cancer warrior.

August pillow making 08/27/2023

August pillow making, double mastectomy pillow. We hope this pillow brings comfort to a cancer warrior.

To Pennsylvania with Love 08/23/2023

To Pennsylvania with Love,
A women is undergoing chemo treatment. Her daughter requested a comfort pillow. We were happy to make her a cat pillow to relax with at home as well as a neck pillow to bring comfort while sitting in the treatment chairs. The sun hat is to help protect her head when outdoors. Each flower has notes of Hope written on each petal. The flowers were then sewn on the hat with the messages. We hope these bring comfort to an amazing warrior.

Cleo, Dusk and Dexter 08/21/2023

Introducing Cleo, Dusk and Dexter- the trio of loveable Lynx cats. These sweet cats symbolize patience and protection. They are filled with love and ready to bring it to a cancer patient.

Machiato 08/16/2023

Introducing Macchiato, the energetic cow. Macchiato loves to start his day with a delicious shot of espresso and steamed milk. After a chocolate dipped biscotti, this sweet cow is ready to conquer the day. He goes out in the fields, gallops, grazes, watches and amazes the world with his energy, love and compassion. Macchiato is filled with strength and ready to bring it to a cancer warrior.

To Missouri with love 08/07/2023

To Missouri with love,
A woman who has 16 grandkids is battling cancer. She loves life, is going through treatment well but could use a comfort pillow while going through treatment. We were happy to send her the Frog pillows "Hip Hop" and Little "Hop a long." The cape is a reminder that she is a superhero and very loved.

Stress relief squishies 08/07/2023

Stress relief squishies. Handheld stress relief pillows. Filled with a mixture of satisfying material - memory foam, poly balls & stuffing. Made to bring stress relief during treatment. A kid or adult can squeeze them to refocus stress from themselves to the squishies.

Hip Hop and Hopalong 07/31/2023

Introducing Hip Hop and Hopalong. These two loveable Frogs are Kings of the Forest and ponds. They love putting on great night time concerts while singing, dancing and hopping around. Hip Hop and Hopalong are full of energy. They are made with love and ready to bring comfort to a cancer patient.

Single & Double mastectomy pillows, neck pillows 07/28/2023

Single & Double mastectomy pillows. Cute neck pillows to bring to appointments 😊. If you know someone who could use some extra comfort during treatment, send us a message

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Nova the Alpaca 07/24/2023

Introducing Nova, the Alpaca. She was made for a girl fighting cancer. Nova is sweet, smart and loves to dance and play. She loves chasing butterflies as well as dreams. Nova comes with a butterfly tutu as well as a matching one for the young warrior. We hope Nova brings some comfort during the girls treatment journey and that she is surrounded with positivity and love.

Puffy 07/19/2023

Introducing Puffy, the huggable, loveable creature. Puffy is mellow, enjoys meditating, going on walks, taking great naps, eating good food, and seeing her friends. She is stuffed with love and ready to bring comfort to a cancer patient.

Pinky the Pinkasaurus 07/12/2023

Introducing Peggy the Pinkasaurus. Peggy enjoys slows walks, snaking on plants and quiet nights. She is quiet but she is also a great protector of her family and friends. Peggy is filled with love and ready to bring comfort to a cancer patient.

To request a creature or comfort pillow send us a request and we'd be happy to help 🙂

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Sterling 07/10/2023

We would like you to meet Sterling,
He is a loveable creature who enjoys reading thought provoking books and staying up at night. His favorite night time activity is looking up and watching the stars. Every now and then one of his friends joins him and they try and find the constellations together. Sterling is squishy, patient and a great listener. He is filled with love and ready to bring comfort to a cancer warrior.

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Bubbles 06/21/2023

Introducing Bubbles, the zealous and exciting dolphin. Bubbles loves to get up at sunrise and catch the first waves of the day. There's nothing better than catching the ultimate wave and riding it into shore. After a morning of some outrageous surfing, Bubbles refuels her energy with a great serving shrimp cocktail and sparkling water. This bubbly creature has an outgoing personality and you can see it when she is with her friends. She loves playing, chasing, jumping and singing with her friends. She is filled with love and ready to bring it to someone battling cancer.

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To Washington with love 06/19/2023

To Washington with love,
A lady has a port and the seatbelt is uncomfortable when driving. She requested a creature port pillow. We are happy to send her a cute custom port pillow to help with comfort when driving. The cape is a reminder that she is a brave, strong and loved warrior.

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To North Dakota with love 06/16/2023

To North Dakota with love,
A lady had a single mastectomy. She has had complications after the surgery and is going through a lot she wasn't expecting. She could use a mastectomy pillow. We hope the pillow brings a little extra comfort and love and she knows that we are thinking of her. The cape is a reminder that she is a hero. Nobody expects complications in treatment. We hope this lady feels the encouragement and love from doctors, friends, family and community that she needs.

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Rosa 06/09/2023

To Elizabeth Town, Ky with love,
This sweet cat is named Rosa. She loves music, dancing and great food. She is going to a lady battling cancer for the third time and requested a comfort pillow. We hope she brings some comfort and love and knows she is in our prayers. The cape is a reminder that she is a superhero for fighting cancer.

Dahlia delivered to Plano, Tx 06/05/2023

We made Dahlia, a cuddly comfort pillow and a superhero cape for a lady recovering from breast cancer surgery. We hope she is comforted and filled with love and knows that she is a superhero for fighting Cancer.

To Plano Tx with love 06/03/2023

A woman had four surgeries and chemo and is now a breast cancer survivor. She has tried many pillows but can't find one that has helped so far. We are happy to make he a double mastectomy and a single that can be brought with her. We hope these pillows bring help and comfort to her journey as she recovers.

June Neck pillows 06/02/2023

Neck pillows for anyone who needs for doctor appointments ☺️

Dahlia 06/01/2023

We would like you to meet Dahlia, the happy Marsupial. Dahlia loves helping with yard work because she loves to munch on leaves snack on grass. She loves relaxing by lighting candles and going on walks. Dahlia also uses essential oils to bring peace and harmony to her space. Most importantly, Dahlia is filled with love and ready to bring comfort to a cancer patient.

Memorial Day 05/31/2023

Memorial Day themed bundtlets and pillows dropped off to those in the community who have lost loved ones in service to our country. May their life, legacy and purpose forever stay in our hearts.

To Kentucky with love 05/23/2023

Last year a lady was diagnosed with cancer. She relocated from her state to live with family after also experiencing homelessness. Fortunately, she was able to find great doctors who took care of her after the diagnosis. After chemo treatments, she is now officially cancer free!

This celebration creature pillow is being sent to fill her house with joy. The cape is a reminder of her strength and superhero power for fighting cancer.

To College Station Tx with love 05/18/2023

A 3 year old is battling neuroblastoma. She was given the name "tiny hulk" at the beginning of treatment because of how strong she is. She loves dinos and her siblings. We sent this sweet girl a dino pillow along with some squishies to help bring her comfort during treatment. The cape is a reminder that she is strong and a superhero for fighting cancer.

To Kentucky with love 05/15/2023

A caregiver requested a pillow for their patient. He has been battling cancer and doesn't leave the home much. The caretaker said a creature pillow and neck pillow would help. We were happy to send a sea turtle creature pillow. Sea turtles represent protection and comfort. We hope the person feels both. The neck pillow can be brought to appointments or used when sitting. There are also cozy socks to keep their feet warm. We hope the pillows bring comfort to the cancer warrior and that he knows he is prayed for by others.

Making creatures 05/13/2023

Weekends can start out a little messy, but always end with love ❤️

Making pillows for cancer patients 05/09/2023

The best days start with stuffing, a whole lot of love ❤️

To Missouri with love 05/09/2023

A lady is going to have a double mastectomy. She requested a pillow to help her when she drives. She is also in need of a neck pillow for appointments. We were happy to send her a "Groovy" Double Mastectomy pillow as well as a portable car pillow. We hope her journey makes her stronger and her story of resilience more beautiful.

To McKinney, Tx with love, 05/08/2023

A lady is going through chemo and requested a comfort pillow. She has a 17 year old Russian blue cat. We made her a blue cat pillow and named is Sapphire. Sapphires symbolize luck, loyalty, happiness and love. We hope this woman feels all of it. The cape is a reminder that she is clothed in Strength and Dignity.

To NY with love, 05/04/2023

Strawberry the bunny is a sweet, shy and loveable creature. Even though she doesn't like to talk a lot, she is full of energy. She loves, hopping, skipping and most importantly helping!

A lady is undergoing a single mastectomy soon. Friends of hers requested a creature and mastectomy pillow to help bring comfort as she recovers. A Superhero cape with Faith, Hope and Love is also on the Way. When you have friends and family who care, you always have Faith, Hope and Love.

To Plano Tx with love, 05/03/2023

A daughter requested a double mastectomy and neck pillow for her mom. She had surgery and could use comfort pillows post surgery. We hope these pillows bring some comfort. The cape is a reminder that she is a true superhero for fighting cancer. This mom is loved and prayed for.

To Allen Tx with love, 05/02/2023

A single mastectomy pillow for a lady who recently had surgery. We added a strap so it is easy to carry in the car and to appointments. The Superhero cape is a reminder that she is a superhero for fighting cancer and to always know there is Faith, Hope and Love surrounding her.

To Plano Tx, with love, 05/01/2023

A young mom had to undergo a double mastectomy. She is a beautiful wife and an amazing mom to three young boys. Her neighbor wanted to do something to help so she requested a pillow and some comfort items for her. We were happy to make a double mastectomy pillow as well as superhero pillows and capes for her and her boys. Nothing Bundtlets are something sweet to add to her day. We hope she knows she is loved and supported by so many.

Shaggy and Lollihops 04/27/2023

We would like you to meet Shaggy and Lollihops. Shaggy is a big eyed furry samoyed dog and Lollipops is a big hearted frog. Shaggy loves to sing, run and is very loyal. Shaggy is kind, loving, and enjoys making others happy. Shaggy got his blue coloring from a love of blueberries and blue grapes. He starts his morning with a delicious and nutritious blueberry smoothie and has enough energy and drive for the entire day. Lollihops is a loveable frog. Native customs all over North and South America recognize this creature as a healer. Some old European traditions also recognize their ability to heal, and many believe that their songs are magical and contain divine power.

According to tradition, frogs have traditionally been animals that bring good luck. The presence of a frog always indicated life-saving water was near, turning the animals into symbols of luck and fortune. We hope these adorable creatures bring love and comfort to someone fighting cancer.

Biscuit and Fuzzy 04/26/2023

We would like for you to meet Biscuit and Fuzzy. These dynamic duo foxes were given to a set of 7 year old identical twins.

One of the siblings gets treatment in the hospital, and the other has problems adjusting to his brother being sick and hospitalized and gets sad a lot. The two love foxes though. These Foxes and capes were made so the twins could have something to feel connected and loved while they are apart. Every time they are sad, they can hug their fox and think each other. Two capes were also made so both know they are superheroes, one for fighting cancer, and the other for being loving supportive through treatment.

Chitter and Sweetie-Saurus 04/20/2023

We would love for you to meet Chitter the exotic bird and Sweetie-Saurus the loving dino. Chitter and Sweetie may seem like an odd friendship but they are inseparable. The bird and dino go everywhere together. They have sat with the greatest minds, read the most thoughtful books and have painted delightful and awe-inspiring paintings. They have been presented with many awards, but no accomplishment on paper can compare to their greatest passion - bringing comfort to cancer patients.

Squirtle the Turtle 04/12/2023

Introducing Squirtle the Turtle. Turtles represent healing, wisdom, spirituality, health, safety, longevity and protection. Squirtle loves swimming, boats, the sand and sunbathing. He has friends all over the world including the Pacific, Atlantic, Southern and Indian Oceans. Squirtle can appear to live a life of leisure because he has a calm demeanor and enjoys life a lot. He is a big deal in the eco system though as he travels the beaches and oceans and is a beloved friend of nature and animal lovers a like. . Squirtle is filled with a lot of love and knowledge and ready to bring comfort to someone fighting cancer.

Honey Bunny 04/06/2023

Introducing Honey,
She is the sweetest Bunny you will ever meet. Honey loves cats, bees, nature and all things sweet. She spends her days on trail walks, listening to good music, doing yoga and most importantly bringing love and comfort to cancer patients. If you know someone who could use a little kindness and comfort during treatment, send us a message.

Honey Bunny is our first creature to be featured on Etsy. If you would like to purchase Honey Bunny to help bring comfort to cancer patients, please visit our shop.

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Solis Mammogram 04/05/2023

Mastectomy pillows delivered to Solis Mammogram today. If you know a friend, family member or loved one that could benefit from a mastectomy pillow, feel free to send us a message through our website. Have a great day!

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Celeste 03/27/2023

Celeste, the exotic creature that can fly, swim, draw and cook went to an amazing cancer warrior who is fighting three types of cancer -breast, lung and uterus. We also provided a cape to remind her that she is a certified Bad *ss in the fight against cancer as well as celebratory Nothing Bundtlets to know she can fight caner courageously and get through this!!!!!!

Matheo Mustacheo - To Allen, Tx with Love 03/12/2023

Our creature Matheo Mustacheo went to a warrior fighting bladder and prostate cancer. He gets Chemo once a month and is tired and could use some kindness and comfort. He also celebrates his birthday this week so Matheo comes a variety of birthday bundtlets for him and his family to celebrate with. The cape is a reminder that he is a Chemo Ninja and an amazing superhero for fighting cancer.

Happy Cat - To Mesquite Tx with love 03/06/2023

A lady was in need of a pillow to help her sit up and stay elevated due to a port in her chest. Her family could also use some food. We were happy to make her a Happy Cat pillow that helps support the back and help her sit up and as well as some food items for her and her family. We hope this brings a little comfort to her treatment and hope she knows she is loved and prayed for. The cape is a reminder that she is a superhero for fighting cancer.

Tranquility the Sloth 02/20/2023

To Connecticut with love,
A 16 year old has Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She loves her cat and sloths. She just finished up chemo and is starting radiation. We were sent a request for a comfort creature. We hope Tranquility the Sloth brings extra comfort and love during treatment. The cat neck pillow is something she can bring to treatment to relax with. The cape is a reminder that she is a superhero for fighting cancer and to never give up. This young lady is loved and prayed for.

Tranquility loves to take life slow and steady. He enjoys thoughtful conversations, a glass of ice tea in the afternoon and interesting books. Tranquility is a good listener and can spend hours and hours listening to you talk.

Faith, Hope and Love 02/18/2023

To Carrollton Tx, with Love
A widow just found out she has three cancerous masses in her breast. Doctors scheduled a surgery date and a reconstructive lift for next week. We hope this pillow brings some comfort to her as she recovers. The cape is a reminder that there is always Faith Hope and Love in the world. We hope she wears the cape and knows she is a superhero for fighting cancer and feels and knows the meaning of Faith, Hope and Love ❤️

To Niagra Falls, NY with LOVE 02/13/2023

A woman just had a double mastectomy is needed some comfort and loved during recovery. We are happy to send her a double mastectomy pillow to help with comfort during recovery. The cape is a reminder : She is clothed with Strength and Dignity and She Laughs without Fear of the Future. May she feel and know these things and be comforted with love during her recovery.

Zola 02/12/2023

Introducing Zola,
She is a lively and energetic creature filled with comfort and love. Zola loves to play hide and seek, walk across logs, collect rocks and watch the stars at night. She is full of love and ready to bring it to a cancer warrior.

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Aiko 02/09/2023

This beautiful creature is named Aiko which means little loved one. Aiko is sweet, silly and evokes a feeling of joy wherever she goes. A little unknown fact about Aiko is that she is also a soccer fan. She has played soccer since she was 4. When asked if Cinderella would be a good soccer player, she answered "no, because she keeps running aways from the ball" 🤣. I told you she was silly!!!! We hope Aiko brings a little love and joy to a warrior going through cancer.

Click here to request Aiko or another comfort creature.

Mathéo Moustache 02/03/2023

We would like to introduce you to Mathéo Moustache. Mathéo likes to start his day with a cup of RISTRETTO, scrambled eggs and toast. After a morning of great breakfast he is ready to begin his day. He heads off to his architect job and designs wonderful buildings that are pleasing to the eye and environmentally friendly. After a good day of work he heads home and listens to some classical jazz and reads a good book before heading off to bed. He is full of love, creativity and incomparable style. Mathéo is also ready to bring comfort to someone going through cancer.

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Mastectomy Pillows 01/25/2023

If anyone is in need of a mastectomy pillow, feel free to send us a message ♥️ Have a wonderful day!

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Cassie 01/05/2023

This is Cassie. She loves to laugh, be silly and have fun with friends. Cassie's number one accessory is her sunshine colored glasses and wears them wherever she goes. She is full of comfort, happiness and love and is ready to bring it to someone battling cancer.

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Love your Melon caps Texas Oncology - Day 1 12/21/2022

We had a great day bringing warmth and support to patients at Texas Oncology today. Bundtlets, neck pillows and Love Your Melon Beanie Caps were a great way to show love to patients who were receiving treatment today. We feel blessed that we are able to help so many feel warmth and loved during this time. Thank you to Nothing Bundt Cakes in Frisco for helping to support our mission over the last year and #loveyourmelon for all you do to help our mission to bring Comfort to Cancer patients.

Mastectomy pillows - To Houston with love 12/14/2022

This is for a mom who just underwent a double mastectomy. They didn't get all of the cancer and is scheduled for her second surgery followed by chemo in the weeks to come. She's a young mom of two beautiful and lively girls. The neck and mastectomy pillows are for the mom to help her with comfort. There is also a Superhero cape and custom breast cancer tutu for her. The two additional capes are for her daughters as they wanted something to wear to show their support for their mom as caped princess warriors. We hope these bring comfort and love to this family as they go through this.

Mastectomy pillows - To Pine Bluff Arkansa with love 11/23/2022

20 single and double mastectomy pillows for the patients at Jefferson Regional Cancer Center. We love to be able to fulfill their requests as it brings comfort and love to so many going through treatment.

Mastectomy pillows - To Ohio with Love 11/19/2022

A young woman was diagnosed with breast cancer this week. She is facing a lumpectomy and 8 weeks of radiation. We hope these mastectomy pillows bring her the love and comfort she needs as she goes through treatment and recovery.

Lightning McQueen - To Prosper Tx with Love 11/18/2022

A two year old was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He is a true fighter and manages to have a smile on his face even on bad days. He loves cars and Lightning McQueen. We hope this special pillow brings him comfort and love throughout his treatment journey.

Mastectomy pillows - To Missouri with love 11/17/2022

A woman was diagnosed with Inflammatory breast cancer which is also in her lymph nodes. She is starting chemotherapy and then will have a double mastectomy. We made two pillows, one for the double mastectomy and the second to hold an ice pack and snacks. We hope these pillows bring the cancer warrior comfort and love.

Volunteer Day 11/12/2022

Weekends are for dinosaurs, gingerbread men, and lots of smiles. 😊

Thank you to our volunteers, Karen, Cameron and Jolie! It was great having you help us make mastectomy pillows, neck pillows and sensory squishees for cancer patients!

Many of these pillows will go to Jefferson Regional Medical Center in Pine Bluff Arkansas, we hope the patients there receive some comfort from our efforts.

Gizmo the Old English Sheepdog 11/10/2022

To Ohio with Love,
Gizmo the Old English sheep dog is going to a man who is fighting B-Cell lymphoma. He has been feeling down and could use something to cheer him up. We know gizmo is the perfect pal. We pray Gizmo brings the love and comfort this man needs as he fights his battle with cancer.

Lucille the Owl 11/08/2022

This is Lucille the owl. Lucille means light and she was created to be a light in the darkness. She loves watching I love Lucy, keeping watch at night and being a good listener. To sponsor Lucille as she goes on her journey to bring comfort to a cancer patient click the donate button

Bubba the Big Blue Whale 11/08/2022

To Massachusetts with Love,
Bubba the Big Blue whale is going to a man who has been fighting lymphoma for 3 years. He has had many clinical trials and most recently a stem cell transplant. His wife requested a creature to help bring him comfort during this time. Whales represent protection and Bubba is perfect as he is a big brother, protector and friend. We know Bubba will bring love and support to this cancer patient as he fights his battle against cancer.

Strong and Courageous 11/03/2022

To Missouri with love,
A lady has been fighting triple negative breast cancer. She has had chemo and radiation and will have a double mastectomy in the coming weeks. She requested a pillow to help with the comfort as she heals. We hope this pillow brings her comfort. The cape is a reminder that she is a superhero for fighting cancer and to stay strong and courageous.

Biscuit the Fox 11/02/2022

To Massachusetts with Love,
Biscuit the Fox is going to an amazing Rockstar warrior who has been battling AML. He has spent 81 days in inpatient care, chemo and a bone transplant. His wife requested a comfort pillow for her husband. Foxes symbolize protection and good fortune and we hope this warrior feels both. The cape is a reminder that he is a superhero for fighting cancer.

Halloween at Children's 10/28/2022

Lolly, Pumpkin, Spunky and Giggles are full of love and laughter. They were made to bring comfort to kids with boo-boos. They come with their own tutu that kids can wear and twirl around in while getting better at the hospital.

Journey - to California with lots of love 10/21/2022

To California with lots of Love,
This sweet Alpaca creature named Journey is going to a lady fighting leukemia. Journey is filled with love, energy, compassion and comfort. We hope the cancer warrior who receives her feels all these things too. The cape is a reminder that she is a hero for fighting cancer. Finally, some comfort items are also included to help her feel better as she fights and recovers.

Virginia with Love 10/19/2022

To Virginia, with love
A young lady has gone through a lot while moving to a new state. She is now battling breast cancer which has spread to both breasts. She asked for a little kindness and help with the pain from surgery and mastectomy scars. We are happy to send some love and comfort her way. The double mastectomy pillow will help with the scars and pain from cancer. The cape is a reminder that she is brave, fierce, strong and loved. Finally, there are a few other comfort and self care items to help bring her comfort and as she heals. We pray she finds hope, love and peace during this time.

UNT fans unite 10/16/2022

We had a request for a man fighting leukemia. He is a husband, father, UNT alum and Cowboy and Rangers fan. We were happy to make a comfort pillow for him with his mascot - the Eagle. The Eagle represents keen eye, strength, independence and loyalty. We hope the warrior feels all of these during this time. The capes are for him and his family - a reminder that he is strong, loved by friends and family and is a superhero for fighting cancer.

Lemon Lime 10/11/2022

This is Lemon Lime. She is super soft and and filled with love. Her favorite treat is Key Lime Pie, she loves it so much that she is tickled green when she eats it. She is ready to bring love and comfort to someone going through cancer.

Captain and Speedy 10/10/2022

To Dallas with Love,
This is for a sweet 11 year old fighting cancer who loves fish. Captain the whale loves to swim around all day exploring the depths and beauty of the ocean. Speedy the fish collects little shells to build magnificent sea sculptures in the ocean. They have a full day and then swim off to sleep to explore and build another day. We hope this dynamic duo brings love and comfort to young cancer warrior. The cape is a reminder that he is a superhero and to keep swimming.

To New Jersey with Love 10/07/2022

To New Jersey with Love,
Minnie Mouse has been a symbol of true friendship. This Minnie Mouse themed double mastectomy pillow is going to a young lady who just had a double mastectomy pillow. She is experiencing pain from the surgery and scars as she heals. We want her to know she has a friend in Texas and we hope this pillow brings her comfort in the coming months. The cape is a reminder to always Be Strong and Fight On!

Bellatrix 10/06/2022

To Nashville Tennessee with Love,
We had a request for a comfort pillow for a girl fighting follicular lymphoma. This type of cancer causing swelling in the neck, stomach and lymph areas. We made this sweet creature and named Bellatrix, which means female warrior, to help bring some love and comfort to the girl. Bellatrix loves to play symphonies on the piano, go on walks and cook delectable desserts. We hope she brings a little love, comfort and hope to the recipient.

Andra 10/04/2022

To Manchester New Hampshire with Love,
This sweet creature is named Andra which means strong and courageous warrior. She is being sent to an amazing woman who has battled cancer for 13 years and is experiencing depression, anxiety, and complicated grief. We hope this sweet creature is able to bring love and comfort to her during the hardest time in her life. For every mountain, there is a miracle! We pray she stays strong and continues to fight with strength and endurance.

Takeshi 09/30/2022

To Florida with Love,
A young man is battling the storms in Florida and also cancer. He requested a creature pillow to help bring him a little comfort during treatment. We named this cozy creature pillow named Takeshi. The name means strong and healthy and we hope he feels both of these as he battles cancer and recovers. The neck pillow is something he can bring with him to treatment and the cape is a reminder that he is a strong warrior for battling cancer. Love to him and everyone in Florida.

Lucky 09/28/2022

To Chicago with Love,
A young lady is battling cancer and asked for a creature pillow. Her favorite animal is a manatee. We made a marvelous manatee creature and a pillow to help bring her comfort. The pillow is a reminder to Pause, Relax and take a deep breath during treatment. Manatees symbolize gentleness, meditation and protection. We hope she feels all these things during her treatment and recovery.

September Pillow Collection 09/26/2022

Hearts symbolize love but also bring comfort to patients who have had a mastectomy. We have sent out a group of double mastectomy pillows and now single mastectomy pillows as well as neck pillows are being sent to Jefferson Regional Cancer Center. As long as the hospital requests pillows, we are happy to make and send them. We hope the patients feel the love and comfort in each pillow.

Biscuit 09/23/2022

This is Biscuit the fox. Biscuit loves baking all sorts of pies, cupcakes, and cookies. He also likes running around the forest. Singing to music on the radio is one of his favorite things to do. This furry fox will always try to cheer someone up by giving them a big hug. Whenever you are feeling down, just give Biscuit a big squeeze!

Hopscotch 09/20/2022

This is Hopscotch. He is very unfrogettable. He loves to Jump around singing songs and making up new games on his lilypad. His best friend Ribbit loves coming over to sing karaoke. Afterwards, Hopscotch swims around in the water, usually playing Marco Polo with other frogs before heading to bed and thinking about the next day of fun.

Donuts all around 09/13/2022

To New Mexico with Love,
Two pillows for a father battling prostate cancer. He drives a long way to treatment so the neck pillow is to help him while he travels. The donut pillow is double filled with memory foam and polyfill. It is meant to help with comfort when sitting. We hope these bring comfort and support while he battles cancer.

Luna and Lola 09/09/2022

These two sweet cats are named Luna and Lola. They are shy during the night but happy, full of love, laughter and dancing during the day. They are going to a sweet mother and daughter in Beaufort South Carolina. A teenage girls mother was in a serious car accident and is also going through cancer treatment.

They requested creature pillows that the mother and daughter can cuddle and love while the mom recovers from both the accident and cancer. Luna is for the mom and Lola is for the daughter. They now both have a comfort pillow to squeeze and think of each other while in the hospital and recovering. There are also mother and daughter superhero capes to remind them that the love and bond of a mother and daughter are strong and forever.

Dusty 09/02/2022

To Pennsylvania with Love,
We named this cuddly creature Dusty. She loves to dance, sing and play.

Her specialty though is bringing comfort and love. We hope the cancer warrior who receives this knows that she is loved and prayed for.

Scruffy 08/30/2022

To Louisiana with Love,
A lady said her husband is battling cancer and could use a comfort pillow to bring with him to appointments. We were happy to send out a neck pillow for travel and this cozy dog pillow we named Scruffy to have at home.

Sunshine 08/27/2022

To South Carolina with Love
Sunshine toast with a little Butter and Eggs. This is for an older gentleman battling cancer. He sits a lot from exhaustion and could use something to lift him up. We hope this toast puts a smile on his face. It is filled with memory foam so he can flip it over and use it as a seat cushion. A toast to Butter Days! There are a few other self care items to help him feel comfortable and relaxed.

Happy Cat 2022 08/23/2022

To a girl in Iowa with love
A Happy cat pillow to bring a smile to her face, comfort items to help her feel good as she battles cancer and a Superhero cape to remind her that she is Strong, Fierce, Brave and Full of Fire!

Unicorn Celebration 08/16/2022

Unicorn pillows, dream catchers, superhero capes and lots of love. This is for a little girl who is battling cancer at Children's. We hope it brought a smile to her day and that she knows she is cared for and prayed for a lot.

Candy 08/09/2022

This sweet creature is named Candy. She is filled with love, goodness and comfort. She was made for an amazing lady fighting leukemia for the second time.

Biscuit and Fuzzy 08/05/2022

These cuddly foxes are named Biscuit and Fuzzy. We had a request to make them for identical twins. The boys love the color blue and foxes. Unfortunately, one boy has to be in the hospital for cancer treatment while the other is at home or school. They miss each other and wish they were't separated during this time. Biscuit and Fuzzy are reminders that even though they are apart for treatment, they are loved.

Stretchy 08/01/2022

A fun addition to our traditional creature comfort pillows. For smaller kids, we are adding sensory arms and legs. It is a pillow as well as sensory items that kids can pull, play and bend if they are getting treatment in a hospital bed. It's a cozy pillow and an enjoyable distraction. We named this lovable fellow Stretchy.

Lola 07/27/2022

This little cutie is named Lola. Her specialty is bringing love and friendship to your day. She is going to a cancer warrior in Nebraska. Lola comes with comfort items and a cape filled with love for both the cancer warrior and the nurse helping her through treatment.

Kaipo 06/14/2022

Aloha, this sweet girl in named Kaipo which means sweetheart in Hawaiian. She is made with stuffing, bows and pure love. She comes with a Superhero cape with a mandala sea turtle which symbolize patience, wisdom, endurance, and good luck. Finally, a shark tooth necklace will bring strength. We hope Kaipo and her gifts bring love and comfort to a beautiful warrior fighting cancer in Hawaii.

Nathan Ninja 05/31/2022

This is Nathan Ninja. His super power is helping to knock out cancer. Nathan helps bring strength and comfort during treatment for cancer patients. We gifted him to a young man fighting cancer.

Axl and Rose 05/20/2022

Axlotls represent growth and healing. These cuddly creatures named Axl and Rose will surely bring some love and comfort to a person fighting cancer. We hope they bring a song in a cancer warriors heart and a smile on their face.

Ray the Stingray 04/29/2022

This is Ray the friendly Stingray. He glides through water effortlessly bringing comfort and love wherever he goes. He is going on a journey with his cuddly puppy friend Cody to bring comfort to a cancer patient who travels back and forth to hospitals for treatment.

November Pillows 11/08/2021

Making and wrapping single and double mastectomy pillows for people in the community who requested them. If anyone knows someone who can use a double or single mastectomy pillow, just let us know and we will be happy to make one for them. We hope they bring a little love and comfort to people battling cancer in our community.

Creatures at Texas Oncoloy 11/02/2021

It's a rainy day, but perfect to bring some love to those battling cancer. Bears, monsters, cats and more all found homes with patients at Texas Oncology today. We are so blessed that we can bring a little love and comfort to others today.

Mer-cat and Mer-kittens 09/21/2021

A mercat mom and her mercat babies made to bring love and comfort to a warrior mom fighting cancer. We pray these will be a symbol of hope and bring comfort to this amazing mom.

Animals at Texas Oncology 07/20/2021

Turtles, Dogs, Elephants, And more! These animals were so excited today to bring some love and comfort for people fighting cancer at Texas Oncology. Nothing makes us feel better than if we can bring a smile to someone fighting cancer.

Happy Valentines at Children's 02/14/2020

We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day. We had a great week making and delivering pillows, chocolates and gifts to Texas Oncology and Children's Hospital. It is the best feeling in the world to be able to make someone smile who is fighting to get better. We hope these pillows and gifts bring some comfort and love to people battling cancer. We love you and are praying for you. Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Holidays from CAC 12/23/2019

There is no better way to spend the holiday than to give the gift of love to others. We were able to buy some special gifts and make pillows for the kids at Children's. We were so happy to get to see Flora, the resident therapy dog, walking around the halls today. Along with that, it was very festive with all the many sparkly Christmas decorations adorning the entrance. We also had the pleasure of going to Texas Oncology. We loved seeing the smiles on patients faces while giving out fluffy pillows and handmade ornaments filled with snow and chocolate. I hope everybody has a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a blessed holiday season.

Happy Halloween at Children's 10/15/2019

Halloween is almost here! We're so excited, and we made sure to show it in our creatures. Hand painting on the faces was a lot of fun, there is even a cat faced ghost! We hope these sweet ghosts, pumpkins and monsters bring some extra love to patients battling cancer this month. We will continue to pray for them and all brave warriors battling cancer.

Penny, Bonnie, Tom and Spencer - the big brave wolf 08/07/2019

Today the three little pigs and the big brave wolf accompanied us to Texas Oncology. Their names are Penny, Bonnie, and, Tom. Spencer, the big brave wolf protects the pigs at night so other animals don't scare them. All these creatures are filled with so much love and we hope they bring comfort to people fighting cancer.

Christmas in July 07/25/2019

We had so much fun making pillows, capes, hats and bringing gifts to Children's Hospital. Today was Christmas in July at Children's for all the little kids who don't get to see Santa in December. It was our honor to be able to bring a little sunshine to sick kids today. We even got to say Thank you to Santa for coming all the way from the North Pole in summer to visit the kids! We pray that all the kids feel comfort, love and peace while they are fighting and recovering this summer.

Fourth of July 07/03/2019

It was a wonderful week making and delivering Fourth of July comfort items for patients at Texas Oncology and Children's Hospital. At Texas Oncology we were blessed to meet an old friend from years ago. We met her when we were just starting to make pillows. She saw us there and recognized us immediately, holding one of the first neck pillows we ever made. She has brought it to every treatment she has ever gone to. Moments like this is what inspires us to to better, and reminds os of the real goal, to make others happy even in bad situations.

Today we visited Children's Hospital, bringing over more pillows to give love and comfort to all the kids there. It always brings us joy to see our friend, Liliana at the hospital. She is such a beautiful and caring person, making everyone at Children's feel loved.

April Easter Creatures 04/19/2019

Happy Good Friday! This month we filled Easter eggs with mouthwatering candies and squishy stress relievers. We also made cuddly, adorable bunnies and Easter egg pillows. We had so much fun delivering the creatures and eggs to both Texas Oncology and Children's Hospital. We hope these sweet creatures help cancer patients feel extra comfort and love and we hope they have a joyful Easter.

Valentines love 02/14/2019

Happy Valentines day! It was wonderful to bring love to people fighting cancer today. We hope the heart pillows and valentines bring a little bit of love and comfort to some awesome patients today. They are amazing!

Mastectomy pillows! 01/21/2019

We decided to make mastectomy pillows for people who have fought breast cancer. We got the idea from the wonderful nurses at Texas Oncology. After breast cancer and surgery, there is a lot of pain on the chest and under the arms. These pillows were made to provide comfort and to keep things from rubbing on the scars while they heal.

Now breast cancer patients can put on a seat belt, lay down and put their arms down without anything rubbing on their scars. We never thought about how uncomfortable it must be to put on a seat belt after breast cancer surgery, now we know. We made two kinds. One type is for just one breast and it is a heart shape. The second one is for patients who have had double breast cancer. We really hope these pillows bring some love and comfort to patients recovering from breast cancer surgery.

Holiday Creatures 12/19/2018

We made our last delivery of the year! It was so special to bring Holiday creatures and scarves to the amazing cancer fighters at Texas Oncology. Today every seat in the infusion room was filled! We can't believe how brave everyone is to fight so hard, especially during Christmas. Our hearts felt so special when one of the patients said they love seeing us every time we come. They started crying, but happy tears. We have so much love for everyone we know going through this and pray their recovery is fast and filled with comfort. We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

November Thanksgiving 11/20/2018

We had a fantastic start to August! We were able to bring summer hats and creatures to some amazing people fighting cancer at Texas Oncology and Children's Hospital! We also made slime for all the parents at Texas Oncology who have kids. They loved it! Some even said they would share slime with their kids friends. Our owl creature with her two baby owls went to the perfect person- a mom with two kids who are 6 and nine years old. The mom loved the owl and said that her kids would love the baby owls. We also loved finding Nemo in the fish tank. There are so many cool and different fish and we could watch them play for a long time. We loved ending our trip playing by the Story Tree at Children's hospital. It is the most perfect tree. It would be awesome if they put a treehouse in it so kids could climb up in it and play and read all day.

A squishable feast 11/04/2018

We know kids love squishies so we made some for them! We created a jumbo pineapple, watermelon, and a bunch of tiny yum yums. We sewed together bacon and eggs, toast and butter, a cupcake with a strawberry on top, a donut, an apple, an ice cream cone, a carrot, a baby pineapple and a slice of watermelon. We hope this crate full of yum yums bring fun and love to a kid fighting cancer.🦄🍉🍍🍎🍓🍳🥓🍦🍩🥕🍞. YUM YUM!

Halloween Delight 10/09/2018

Today we went to Texas Oncology and Children's to bring some Halloween delight to patients. You might think these creatures are scary but they are the cutest, and sweetest creatures that you'll ever meet. There are two ghosts named Boo and Bella. Boo is very sweet and is a gentlemen. Bella is super sweet and kind. Sometimes she is a bit mischievous though. There is also Stripes the slithery snake. He brings good vibes to everyone he meets. Next we brought Spinderella. She loves to spin a web of beauty around every person she sees. We also brought pink Hershey kisses in honor of breast cancer awareness month. We hope these Halloween creatures bring love and comfort to people fighting cancer.

Owlie in August 08/02/2018

We had a fantastic start to August! We were able to bring summer hats and creatures to some amazing people fighting cancer at Texas Oncology and Children's Hospital! We also made slime for all the parents at Texas Oncology who have kids. They loved it! Some even said they would share slime with their kids friends. Our owl creature with her two baby owls went to the perfect person- a mom with two kids who are 6 and nine years old. The mom loved the owl and said that her kids would love the baby owls. We also loved finding Nemo in the fish tank. There are so many cool and different fish and we could watch them play for a long time. We loved ending our trip playing by the Story Tree at Children's hospital. It is the most perfect tree. It would be awesome if they put a treehouse in it so kids could climb up in it and play and read all day.

Lucky pillows and capes 07/13/2018

We know Friday the 13th is supposed to be unlucky. To bring some good fortune to kids fighting cancer we made these lucky capes and pillows. Our inspiration was superheroes for these creations. We know all kids fighting cancer are superheroes, and we hope these capes and pillows are a reminder of their superpowers.

We also found out about the amazing new playground at Children's. We are so happy that the children there have a wonderful place to play. We pray that all the sick kids have the strength to get better and feel all the love people have for them.

Fourth of July 07/03/2018

Since it is the Fourth of July tomorrow we wanted to bring special creatures, hats and pillows to people fighting cancer. We know a lot of people don't have the energy to celebrate when they are sick so we wanted to still let them know we understand and want to give them comfort during their treatments.

We visited Texas Oncology today and it was a very special day. We met a person who started their first day of treatment. We also met someone on their last day of treatment. Today was also awesome because we also got to talk with someone we met when he started his first day of treatment months ago and found out today was also his last day of treatment! That was so special. He reminded us that we gave him a llama stuffed animal on his first treatment day and he still has it! We hope everyone fighting cancer feels love and comfort on this Fourth of July.

Summer Party 06/02/2018

For the start of summer, we created these fruits to cool down with. There is a watermelon, strawberry, and pineapple. They are stuffed with memory foam for extra squishiness and comfort. We know it's hard to keep on fighting cancer in this heat, so we hope these creations will give comfort during this summer heat.

Easter Creature Fun 03/30/2018

We made some special Easter creatures for the kids at Children's Hospital. Bunnies, chicks, and eggs to bring comfort for these sweet kids. We hope all the kids have a wonderful Passover and Easter and that they are given lots of love during their treatment.

Spring Break! 03/15/2018

Today was our favorite day of spring break. We went to Texas Oncology and brought love and spring creatures to cancer patients. We also brought Easter eggs filled with candy and gave them to everyone in the waiting room. The Easter eggs were super yummy! We know it must be hard for everyone getting treatment but hopefully their treatment is quick and they get lots of love during it. We pray that everybody with cancer will get some comfort, peace, and love.

More Valentines 02/28/2018

These are more of our special edition valentine pillows. They are all hearts so the people getting them know that they are loved by so many people. Even people they don't really know. We hope these bring some love and comfort to a patient this valentines day.

Also, if you know someone fighting cancer and want a creature or pillow to give them before Valentines day, let us know.

Ruf Pup, Bananas and Sweet Peep 02/04/2018

Our new sweeties are named Ruff pup, Bananas and Sweet Peep. They became friends when they met at a magic tree house. They were going into the woods and saw the magic tree house appear in thin air. They all thought it was cool and thats when they became friends. In the magic tree house there were books and books and they got to travel through time and have so much fun. These animals have so many stories and love to share. We hope these creatures bring hope and love to someone fining cancer.

Piggly Wiggly and Huglsy Wugsly 01/14/2018

We are starting to make our Valentine creatures. This is Piggly Wiggly and Hugsly Busly. Hugsly is a little shy and thats why Piggly made her a heat pillow to cuddle with, Hugsly brings the pillow everywhere with her and is so happy she can cuddle with it. We also made a pillow that has a cloud and hearts falling from it. We wrote "Keep calm and love rainy days" on it. We hope this reminds someone going through cancer that even though the days are hard, they are still loved by lots of people. We hope these creatures and pillow bring love and comfort to someone fighting cancer.

Mr. Duck Pigeon, Leppy the leopard and Dancy feet 01/07/2018

This is Mr. Duck Pigeon, Leppy the leopard and Dancy feet. They are very playful, loving, and kind. They met when they were going on an adventure to the mountains. At first Mr.DP was scared because he thought the other two were going to eat him. Instead of eating him, Lepppy and Dancy feet started dancing so he joined in. Now the trio are best friends! Now, if you look closely, you can see them dancing in the snow. We hope these cuddly creatures bring love, dancing , and comfort to someone fighting cancer.

Christmas at Texas Oncology 12/21/2017

We had a great morning and last creature visit for the year. We went to Texas Oncology to bring some Christmas love. We filled a Santa sack full of gloves, treats, and creatures. We also had a great time taking photos with Christmas props. We also got a wonderful card from our nurse friend who no longer works there. She turned our picture into a Christmas picture and it is so cute! We were also blessed to bring in checks worth $500 for cancer patients that are behind on their payments. Thank you everyone for supporting us through the year and making everything we do possible. We tagged some people who helped make this year possible with all their love and support. Thank you for helping us bring love and comfort all year to those who need it!

Abominable Snowfamily 12/10/2017

This time we ventured the North Pole to find the family of the abominable snowman. When we found them they were so happy to see us, as they were very lonely in the vast tundra. They wanted to come home with us so they can give love to a family fighting cancer. They are now ready for their new family.

Holiday and Christmas pillows 12/03/2017

Theses are some of our holiday and Christmas pillows. On some of the pillows we put a Hanukkah star, a stocking, a sleigh, bells, and snowmen. We hope these pillows bring comfort, joy, and holiday spirit to a person fighting cancer this season.

Texas Oncology Holidays 11/22/2017

Today we had an awesome morning. We brought lots of pillows, creatures and cozy gloves for the patients at Texas Oncology to give them comfort. The trip was very special because our mom had treatment during this time of year. The treatment made her not be able to taste, smell, or eat. I remember she was in a lot of pain. We know how hard it is for everyone getting treatment. It must be extra hard during Thanksgiving and all the holidays. What was super awesome was we saw two girls who remembered us from our last visit. They came and gave us big hugs. One girl said we came on her very first treatment and today was her last treatment. She was so super sweet. She showed us pictures of us she took last time because she saved them. That made us so happy. We also gave everyone Star Wars lollipops and they loved them. Our hearts know how much pain all cancer patients must be in and we love them and hope they get some happiness and peace.

Inspired Pillows 11/19/2017

For these pillows we wrote inspirational words on leaves and sewed them on the pillows. Some of the words we wrote are Brave, Be strong, Faith, Hope, Love, You got this, and Warrior. We know its hard to keep fighting when you are sick, but we hope these pillows give some encouragement and comfort to people fighting cancer this Thanksgiving.

Give the gift of gloves 11/12/2017

This Thanksgiving and Christmas season we are going to give gloves with every pillow creature we make. We know how cold it can get and wanted to bring extra comfort and love to everyone fighting cancer this time of year. All the gloves we made have symbols of love and hope that we put on them. We hope these gloves will keep cancer patients warm and toasty during the cold months to come.

Harry, Ginny and Hedwig 11/05/2017

This is Harry the bear, Ginny the fox and Hedwig the owl. Harry the very beary bear casts spells on the cancer patients to make them feel better. His spell is Finite Incantatum Cancerum. Ginny is a little mischievous but is a good friend. Hedwig flies around town bringing cheerful stories and jokes to anyone who will listen. We hope these rascally creatures will bring some love and comfort to people fighting cancer.

Moonlight the bat 10/07/2017

This is Moonlight the bat and his friends the pink widow spiders. They love to go out at night and dance on the moon. After they are done dancing they collect moon dust that looks like glitter and sprinkle it around the earth. They might look scary but they are really sweet. They only want to scare away cancer and give love and cuddles. We hope they bring some love and comfort to someone fighting cancer.

September Heros 09/30/2017

Because today is the last day in September, we wanted to bring some love to kids fighting cancer. We brought some capes, blankets, and creature pillows to Children's hospital to give them some comfort during their treatment. We hope one day there is a cure for all kinds of cancer.

Spooky, Shiny and Sweets 09/24/2017

This is Spooky, Shiny and Sweets, the three little ghosts of the night. Spooky likes to hide in the dark and scare people because he thinks its funny to hear them say aaaaaaaaaaah!!!! Shiny likes to light up the night so no one is scared. She is always sweet and kind. Speaking of sweet, Sweets is extra sweet! She is full of laughter and hugs. She always has a sweet treat to bring you when you need chocolate. We hope Spooky, Shiny and sweets bring love and comfort to a person fighting cancer.

Angry birds blankets 09/16/2017

We know it must be hard when kids have to go in for cancer treatment. We made more angry bird blankets and pillows so they can get some coziness and warmth. We hope that doctors can find a cure for childhood cancer. Until that happens we will try and bring them love and comfort.

Pinky, Zigzag, and Peanuts 09/10/2017

Lots of moms and dads like the creature neck pillows so we are making more. These are Pinky the cat, Zigzag the Zebra, and Peanuts the elephant. They are made with extra love, care and prayers. We hope Pinky, Zigzag, and Peanuts bring love and comfort to someone fighting cancer.

Inspiring words 08/25/2017

We decided to make cozy pillows with inspirational quotes. We made the pillows then we ironed on the quotes. They say: "When it rains, looks for rainbows, when its dark look for stars. She is the perfect combination of princess and warrior"


"With brave wings she flies We hope these pillows bring comfort and hope to someone fighting cancer. The end."

Smarty Cats 08/19/2017

These are our smarty cats, just in time for back to school. Their names are Sir Grumps A lot, Sparkle Pants and Icebreaker. They love to play at the park, but get shy because everyone stares at them. When they get home they love to dance, dab and get crazy. Sir Grumps A lot gets grumpy if he doesn't get to dance so make sure he dances every night (he's an awesome dancer!) We hope these smarty cats bring love and comfort to someone fighting cancer.

Momo, Ziggy and Tangles 08/13/2017

This is Momo, Ziggy and Tangles. They are a fuzzy monster family who lives by the swamp. Momo adopted Ziggy and now Ziggy and Tangles are brothers and best friends. They love to run around by the swamp and eat all the bugs. After their belly is full they love to squish into houses and cuddle up and sleep under cozy beds. They bring you good dreams and good luck when you sleep. We hope these cute, soft creatures bring love and comfort to a person fighting cancer.

Hurricane 07/29/2017

This is hurricane. He loves to run around and mess things up. His best friends are Storm the hawk and Tornado the Lion. Hurricane, Storm and Tornado just want to play and thats why things get messed up. Hurricane is really sweet and just wants to love on you.

We made this for a very special boy who goes to Texas Tech who is fighting cancer. He also loves the Dallas Mavericks so we made a horse because both Texas Tech and Dallas Mavericks have Stallions. We hope Tornado can bring some love and comfort to this special person.

On his cape we put Dirk because he loves Dirk! We also made a Faith, Hope and love Symbol because his faith is strong. We put the Texas Tech symbol to remind him of all his hard work in school, and the heart to remind him he is loved.

We hope these bring love and comfort to this boy fighting cancer.

Cancer Warrior 07/27/2017

We had the immense blessing of finally meeting this wonderful man. He is fighting a super rare triple cancer and is literally a warrior!!! He was a teacher and superintendent, but is also a dad, grandpa, husband and animal lover. He is even in super good shape so cancer doesn't care who you are. He gave his blessing to share this and we cant stop thinking or praying for him. His wife is also so super nice and was a fourth grade teacher! We love fourth grade teachers!!! It feels like we were just in a dream because this family is so wonderful and loving yet they have to have cancer. We pray that the doctors are able to take the cancer away and that he gets comfort and love during his treatment!

Fluffy, Lala and Whispers 07/24/2017

We made cute animal neck pillows and Bob the Builder pillows for some really awesome people fighting cancer. I think lots of kids love Bob the builder. The neck pillows are Fluffy the cat, LaLa the ladybug and whispers the elephant. Whispers whispers to Lala the ladybug what food he wants and Lala flies to Fluffy and tells her. Fluffy uses her cute voice and purrs for the food to her owner. After the owner grants Fluffy's request, they all share the food and have a party.

Texas Oncology Visit 07/21/2017

Today was a fantastic morning. We went to Texas Oncology to give love and creatures to the cancer patients there. the people were so sweet and amazing. One lady we met is going to have to get treatment her whole life. She said we made her whole day but the people there made our whole day! We hope the cancer patients have some peace knowing they are loved.

Nibbles and Stick It to Cancer 07/15/2017

This is Nibbles. She is a shih Tzu dog. She loves to run around the house and eat all the crumbs off the floor. After her belly is full she likes to nap and cuddle up with you. Her barking sounds like singing and when she sings all the other animals come and join her and it sounds like a beautiful choir. We made nibbles for a very special person fighting cancer.

We also made a Stick It to Cancer creature for this person. Nibbles is for the person to cuddle and relax with during treatment. If the person gets frustrated during treatment, they can use the STICK IT TO CANCER creature to let their frustration out on. They can stick the cancer cells with a needle. We hope they bring comfort and love to this person fighting cancer.

Lucy the Cow and Sally the Chicken 07/11/2017

Chik Fil A was our inspiration for this creature. Since it is free Chik Fil A day we decided to make a cow creature and bring it to the restaurant. We asked the manager if she knew anyone with cancer who could use some cheering up and she was very happy to take Lucy the cow from us and pass her on to a cancer fighter!

This is Lucy the cow. Her best friend is Sally the Chicken. They love to run around in the field and play hide and seek. After playing all day their favorite thing to do is eat scrambled eggs and milkshakes. We hope Lucy brings love and comfort to a cancer patient.

Summer Pillows 07/08/2017

These are our summer pillows. There is a giant body pillow that has cute animals under the sea. The other pillow has mermaids, dolphins and fish and the last one has summer flowers, bees and polka dots. We made these two sided. On the back of the ocean pillow is a super cute dog swimming with a cat, fish and turtles. He is exploring the ocean to see if he can find any bone treats. He didn't find any bones but found lots of friends to play with. He even met Dory and helped her find her family again!

On the other pillows we made flowers and added them to the back of the pillows. We hope these pillows bring some summer love and comfort to someone fighting cancer.

Luna, Snappy and Twilight 07/06/2017

This is Luna, Snappy and Twilight. Luna brings the moon out every night and makes the stars twinkle so you don't have nightmares. Snappy got her name because she is snow colored and happy = Snappy. Snappy loves to play in the snow and keep you cozy and warm. Twilight wakes up super early and helps the sun wake up with some chocolate milk. She also checks the weather and tells you what to wear so you can be cozy throughout the day.

Luna, Snappy and Twilight are all neck pillows. We got the idea of making neck pillows from patients. Whenever we made a donut pillow people would put them around their neck to relax with. So we made these special neck pillows. We hope they bring love and comfort to someone fighting cancer.

Pepper 06/25/2017

This is Pepper. She is friends with Roxy and Rocco. She likes to eat peppers in the middle of the night. Sometimes she has the best dreams of people giving her spicy food. She even has dreams of flying to space and peppers are stars and they are floating everywhere! Even though she likes spicy stuff she is the sweetest creature you will ever meet. We hope she doesn't burp spicy fire. We hope she only brings love and comfort to someone fighting cancer. Love Juliet.

Luna the mermaid 06/19/2017

This is Luna the mermaid. She is very sweet and loves to come out when the moon comes out. Her favorite friends are Lily the sea horse, Shiny the dolphin and Slow Poke the sea turtle. Her best adventure comes when she snuggles up and relaxes with you. We made her for a sweet girl who is fighting cancer. We hope Luna brings this girl love and comfort.

Texas Oncology visit 06/14/2017

It was so awesome today!!! We met some super sweet, beautiful, amazing cancer fighters at Texas Oncology! They literally are warriors and my hero. We were actually able to talk to them for a long time. One of the sweet ladies was happy crying because she said it made her day and then Juliet started to cry and then everyone hugged. Our favorite nurses were also there and we got to hug them. We also got to see the awesome fish tank and counted at least 4 Nemo fish but we couldn't find the Dory fish this time. We hope these cancer fighters have love and comfort during the rest of their treatment.

Halona 06/13/2017

This is Halona. She is a fox that we made with Clarice Tinsley. Halona loves to run and play in the forest. She collects berries and shares them with all her forest friends. At night she loves to relax and drink hot cocoa. We hope she brings love and comfort to someone fighting cancer.

Father's Day 06/06/2017

Since Fathers Day is coming up we made some Fathers Day edition creatures Coconut is the monkey. Mr. Dabcat is the cat pillow. Our last creature is the famous Millenial Falcoln. These creatures love to hug and be silly. They are funny and cute. We hope these creatures bring love and joy to people fighting cancer this Fathers Day.

Duke, Max and Maizy 06/01/2017

We made these adorable dog creatures. They are named Duke, Max and the girl is Maizy. They love to play catch with you and bark at bedtime. They will love you and try their best to make you happy. We hope they bring some joy to a person fighting cancer. Woof! Woof!

Memorial Day 05/27/2017

In honor of Memorial Day we have been making these pillows during the week. They are all made with a lot of love and thought for those who fought in our military. We hope these pillows bring love and comfort to a cancer patient.

Fluffy and Stormy 05/20/2017

This is Fluffy and Stormy. Even though it is rainy and stormy they will keep you warm and cozy. Stormy and Fluffy hope to make a cancer patient feel loved and cozy at night. 🌩️☁🌧️🌥️❤️

College Edition 05/18/2017

This is our college creatures edition. We made Texas Tech, Texas A and M and Ohio State blankets and creature pillows. The blankets also come with head wraps to keep your head cozy during cancer treatments. If you know any fans of these colleges who are going through treatment let us know so we can give you a blanket or pillow creature. We hope these blankets and creature pillows bring love and comfort during a cancer patients treatment. 😊🦄🐱

Peanut and Butter 05/13/2017

This is Peanut and Butter. They stick together because they are mommy and baby. They are pals and work good together. Don't worry they won't give you a peanut allergy. When peanut is done playing she goes in her moms heart to rest. We hope Peanut and Butter bring some love and comfort to a person fighting cancer.

Cocodonut 05/07/2017

This is Cocodonut. She is a chocolate cat donut with strawberry frosting and sprinkles. She loves to play hide and seek and monkey in the middle. She'll be your best friend with your morning drink. She is so soft and sweet just don't try to nibble on her or you will get a big surprise. We hope she brings cuddles and smiles to a person fighting cancer.

Stitch 05/05/2017

This is Stitch. Sometimes he gets sad and needs some love. Sometimes he sneaks off to get snacks and sing a song for you. We hope he brings love and comfort to someone with cancer.

Kooky the cookie 04/28/2017

This is Kooky the cookie. He is shy but very loveable. He is also very sweet and wants to give you hugs. At night he wakes up and tries to find he milk friend. We hope Kooky brings happiness, sweetness and love to a person fighting cancer.

Cherry the popsicle 04/25/2017

This is Cherry. She is a sweet red popsicle who likes to keep you cool on hot days. She is extra big with two sticks so you can relax and share her with a friend. Everyone fighting cancer needs a friend to relax with. We hope Cherry brings some love and comfort to a person fighting cancer.

Chocolate Sweet Heart 04/22/2017

This is Chocolate Sweet Heart. She is filled with rasberry cream, stuffing and love. Her favorite thing to do is visit cafes and cook. She comes with her very own baby donut hole named cream puff and her own napkin. Oops she got some jelly on her napkin! We hope Chocolate sweet heart brings some love and comfort to a person fighting cancer.

Whiskers 04/20/2017

This is Chocolate Sweet Heart. She is filled with rasberry cream, stuffing and love. Her favorite thing to do is visit cafes and cook. She comes with her very own baby donut hole named cream puff and her own napkin. Oops she got some jelly on her napkin! We hope Chocolate sweet heart brings some love and comfort to a person fighting cancer.

Easter pillows 04/14/2017

It was such a great morning for our creatures to visit Texas Oncology today! It was really busy there today! We got to meet so many sweet people. We are super happy they loved the creatures and a few laid down on them right away. The nurses loved the STICK IT TO CANCER creatures also! We hope everyone fighting cancer this Easter season gets some peace and comfort knowing that we love them and are praying for them.

Stick it to cancer 04/09/2017

We made these adorable dolls especially for the nurses at Texas Oncology. The nurses are the sweetest. They always give us hugs when we come and they are so caring and loving to the patients there. Sometimes we can see when they stick the needles in the cancer patients and you know they don't want to but they have to. The only way to get rid of the cancer is to stick the needles in people. So we called these creatures the stick it to cancer creatures.

We looked up what cancer cells look like and made them and ironed them on the creature dolls. The nurses can stick needles in these cancer cells as a stress relief. The nurses are so loving, caring and patient with cancer patients that we thought they might like these creatures they can let their frustration on cancer out on.

Ellie the elephant 04/02/2017

This is Ellie the elephant. Elephants represent good luck because they have strength, power and wisdom. We made the trunk so it can go up or down. Ellie is sweet, cozy and a great friend. We hope she brings love, luck and comfort to someone fighting cancer.

Jelly and Bean 03/31/2017

This is Jelly and her baby Bean. Jelly and Bean like to have parties, drink chocolate milk and dance all night!!!!! We made Jelly and bean and a cozy blanket for a very special mom who is fighting cancer. We hope it brings some comfort and dancing to this mom fighting cancer!

Volleyball memorial 03/26/2017

We made this volleyball blanket and pillow set in honor of Andie Collins. She was a 17 year old girl who died from breast cancer. I didn't even know you could be a teenager and die from breast cancer. Our mom said Andie loved volleyball and so this was the perfect material to use in her memory. We hope this blanket and pillow set bring love and comfort to another kid who is fighting cancer.

Daisy and Carrot 03/25/2017

This is Daisy. She has a sister named Carrot and plays with her all day. She loves to hide eggs and give cuddles. We hope she brings some comfort and love to someone fighting cancer.

Peeps 03/19/2017

This is Peeps. She is super sticky but not a bit icky so she won't make you sicky! Peeps was born this way so her love sticks to you forever. We hope she brings lots of love and smiles to a cancer patient.

Spring Birds 03/18/2017

We got some awesome material from a neighbor and decided it would make a perfect blanket and pillow for a kid fighting cancer. This material is so super soft and has awesome angry birds all over it. It's the first time we made a blanket. We hope this pillow and blanket brings some love, comfort and smiles to a kids fighting cancer.

Chicklet 03/11/2017

This is Chicklet. Every night when you go to sleep he snuggles up with you to give you no nightmares. His favorite food is seeds with jelly. His favorite color is yellow! My favorite color is yellow too. We hope he brings love and comfort to a cancer patient.

Tweety 03/08/2017

Our inspiration for this creature was a woodpecker that lives in our tree. This is tweety. Tweety is such a sweetie. She loves to fly around and drink sap and sing rap. Don't worry though she won't poke holes in your home. She's only here to bring love, hugs and comfort to a person fighting cancer.

Bun Buns 03/04/2017

This is Bun Buns. She is fuzzy and funny. At night she gives you hugs and kisses. Sometimes she even makes cakes at night for you but she gets hungry and eats them so you never see them. She is so sweet and we hope she brings lots of love, night time cakes and comfort to a cancer patient.

Cool Cat 02/28/2017

This is cool cat. She is the coolest cat on the block. Whenever you are asleep cool cat goes on a cool walk. On her walk she gets a guitar and sings her songs. She sings cool cat crime doesn't like slime.

Cool Cat is so sweet and funny. When you get her she loves you in a cool way. We just hope she brings a smile and comfort to someone fighting cancer.

Jack 02/26/2017

This is Jack. He is very loving. When you let him outside he runs around and plays. When he's inside he is your best friend and loves story time. We hope he brings some comfort and love to someone fighting cancer.

Roary the dino 02/25/2017

What do you get when a dinosaur walks through a strawberry patch?
A. Strawberry Jam
Which dinosaur slept all day?
A. The dino-snore
Which type of dinosaur can jump higher than a house?
A. Any type, a house can't jump!

We made this dinosaur creature and named it ROARY. We also wrote these jokes down and put them in a secret pocket in the back of the creature pillow. We also added a toy dinosaur and snake to the secret pocket.

We hope this brings a smile and laugh to a kid fighting cancer. We all loved dinosaurs and hope this brings some comfort to a kids fighting cancer.

Spring Pillows 02/19/2017

We found this beautiful spring material and had to use it. It has sweet sayings on it. It says Bloom with Grace, Rejoice with Nature, Grow with Nature and sing with the birds. We made our own flowers also and sewed them on. We also made a baby spring chick and hid her in the tulip as a surprise. We hope this brings some joy and comfort to a cancer patient.

Bunny Foo Foo 02/18/2017

This is Bunny Foo Foo. She is very playful and loves to hop around. When she wiggles her bushy tail it means she likes you. When she flops her ears it means she wants to be your friend. We hope she brings some cuddles and love to a cancer fighter.

Valentines Day! 02/14/2017

Today is so special. It is Valentines Day! Thats why cancer patients need extra love. Not everyone can eat candy on valentines because treatment is very painful. We came to bring love to these cancer patients and show them that they are loved. The best part was meeting a lady we saw on the news!!!! My mom thought she was a model but she told us she was a teacher and she was on the news because of her cancer. She is getting treatment for cancer and is still teaching special education during treatment!!!! She doesn't even look like she is getting treatment because she is so beautiful and kind. Well everyone there is beautiful and kind. I am so glad that we were able to give these wonderful people a little love today. Our hearts are full of so much love for them because cancer is hard but they fight it so beautifully.

Rabbit pal 02/09/2017

The Velveteen Rabbit book was our inspiration for this creature. The velveteen Rabbit became real after it was loved a long time by a sweet little boy. We are giving this creature lots of love and hope that a cancer patient will feel the love we have given it.

“Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.'

CutiePie 02/05/2017

This is CutiePie. When you rub her belly she gives you good luck. Every night when you're asleep she hides, plays and flies away. Don't worry though because she comes back every morning. We hope she brings fun, love and comfort to a cancer patient.

Fluffel Puff 02/04/2017

This sweetie is named Fluffel Puff. She's soft and sweet and full of love. Her heart has a love note from us to the person who gets it. We hope Fluffel Puff brings love and comfort to someone fighting cancer.

Owl Mamas 01/29/2017

Why did the owl invite her friend over? Because she didn't want to be owl by herself.

We made this sweet mama owls with pouches for their two baby owls. Now the owls will never be alone. We hope these sweet mama owls and baby owls bring some love, laughter and comfort to a person fighting cancer.

Heart of Gold 01/28/2017

You need a lot of love and courage to fight cancer so we made this heart. We hope it brings love and strength to the person who gets it. It's a heart of Gold.

Woody 01/23/2017

This is Woody. He loves to play in the water and doesn't go anywhere without his fishy friend. Woody is soft and cuddly and we hope he brings love and comfort to a cancer patient!

Lulu 01/21/2017

This lovely lady's name is Lulu. She likes to go on adventures and to keep people company. We hope she brings comfort and love to a cancer fighter.

Periwinkle 01/16/2017

This is Periwinkle. She loves bananas, cheese and staying up late at night. She will be your best friend and loves to read books with you. We hope she gives some comfort and rest to a person going through cancer treatment.

Lilac 01/08/2017

This is lovely Lilac. She loves stomping around the house and eating cookies and cheese cake. We hope she brings a smile and lots of love to a cancer patient.

Sweetheart 01/07/2017

This is Sweetheart. We are making valentine creatures so we can give love to cancer patients in time for Valentines Day. Sweetheart is as sweet as candy and she has her penguin friend to help bring love. We hope she brings love to a cancer patient and hope she doesn't eat her penguin friend.

Sally 01/02/2017

This is Sally. She is always happy. She likes to tell jokes and share her amazing discoveries from her adventures outside. We hope she brings love and comfort to a cancer patient.

Poppy 12/29/2016

This is Poppy. Poppy from the movie Trolls was our inspiration for her. We made her soft and full of love. We also spent time playing with her and showing her around our street. We are also writing the story of our creatures and their birthdate now so the person who gets it will know their name and story.

We hope Poppy brings some love and comfort to a cancer patient.

Bei Bei 11/20/2016

This is Bei Bei. His name means precious treasure and we made this after a real panda named Bei Bei. Bei Bei is so adorable! We asked our mom if we could get a baby panda and she said no so we made this. We're giving it lots of love until he is given to someone else.

Polar 11/15/2016

This is Polar. She loves cold snow and warm cocoa. She also loves playing with her animal friends. She is super soft and cuddly and we hope she brings some love and comfort to a cancer patient.

Jingle Cat 11/07/2016

This is Jingle cat. She is the sweetest kitty you will every know. She is made with cute christmas kitties all over her to bring joy to a person with cancer. Can you tell I love kittens? I hope a person fighting cancer who loves kitties will get comfort through Jingle cat.

Pom Pom 11/04/2016

This is Pom Pom. She is a super adorable and sweet cat. She has pom pom on her ears that she always trys to catch. We hope Pom Pom brings some relaxation time to a person going through cancer.

Ballerina 11/01/2016

This is little Ballerina. She loves to dance but loves to sing the most. She is wearing her fanciest tutu and bow. Even though she is all dressed up she is still soft and cuddly. We hope she brings love and cuddles to a person getting cancer treatment.

Heart Sprinkles Winkles 10/28/2016

Heart Sprinkles Winkles has arrived. She loves hot coco but especially loves people who have cancer. We hope she brings comfort to a person fighting cancer.

Ella 10/26/2016

This is Ella. She is a colorful elephant filled with love and joy. We hope she brings comfort to someone fighting cancer.

Lulu Pumpkin 10/21/2016

This is Lulu Pumpkin. We made another pumpkin to keep the other pumpkin company. Lulu loves Halloween. She only has treats and no tricks though. Her treat is bringing love to a cancer patient before Halloween.

Frisbee and Petals 09/24/2016

Thank you so much to Camille, Chloe, and Juliette! They sent these Creatures from their non profit organization Creatures against Cancer all the way from Texas! Lee loves them and they will make her smile when she is home or away from home getting treatments. They are Frisbee and Petals....and came with other treats to make her comfortable during treatments.

Stripey 05/24/2016

This is Stripey. We made him from material that Ms. Caryn Tropea Bartle gave us. Stripey loves to eat plants and enjoys reading. Juliet brought stripey to her kindergarten reading cafe today and served Stripey a story. She also served us and our mom a story. I hope Stripey brings love to a person fighting cancer.

Happy Cat 05/23/2016

This is Happy Cat. Happy Cat is always smiling and bringing joy to those around her. She just can't help being happy about something. She loves to bring comfort to cancer patients and survivors. We know you'll love her just as much as we do. We hope this will bring love and happiness to a cancer patient.

Doc 05/20/2016

This is creature is named Doc and he's a creature Doctor. Don't worry his needle only has a shot of love in it. We hope it will bring love and comfort to a person fighting cancer.

Love, Courage and Strength - and elephant family 05/16/2016

These are special elephants that took us so long to make, maybe six hours. We had to restart a lot because the thread got caught around the trunk a lot. We found super fancy material from my moms closet and made the ears and tail with it. We made them for a little girl who has been fighting cancer for a long time. We don't know her but our mom's friend knows her. We named the mommy elephant Love and the baby elephants Courage and Strength. We pray that the little girl will get the love, courage and strength she needs to finally win her battle with cancer. We're loving her with these elephants and praying for her.

Lemonade 05/15/2016

We named this creature Lemonade. He likes to store lemonade in his pockets. We liked drinking the left over lemonade with him today. We hope he will bring comfort and good lemonade to a person going through cancer treatment.

Meow 05/04/2016

This is Meow. She was made for a very special lady named Rose. Can everyone say a prayer for Rose as she can't have any more cancer treatment and needs prayers. I hope Meow brings a smile to her face.

Michelle 04/30/2016

We named this beauty Michelle. Michelle is beautiful, a fighter and loves to teach! We know she'll bring love to a cancer patient!

Sweet Creeps 04/28/2016

This is sweet creeps. He may look a lot like a minecraft creeper, but there is nothing scary about him. He is even guarding the other creatures against cancer. He is here to bring hugs and love to a cancer patient.

Storm and Tornado 04/26/2016

These two are named Storm and tornado. Storm is hiding in the bush so you might miss him. This storm and tornado won't do any damage to your house. They are here to bring love to cancer patients.

Pumpkin Pie the whale 04/24/2016

This is our new creature Pumpkin Pie. You may think he likes to eat fish but he loves to eat pumpkin pie for breakfast. I hope he will bring fun times and love to a cancer patient.

Cuddles 04/18/2016

This is Cuddles. She loves Cuddles, story time and macaroni and cheese. We hope she will bring happiness to a person fighting cancer.

Sting 04/16/2016

This is Sting. He loves the outdoors, honey and good music. We know he will bring love to a cancer patient.

Petal 04/15/2016

This is Petal and she like to go in the garden and hide in the flowers. That is how she gets petals all over her. One day a princess came and gave her the crown. Juliet is borrowing her crown. Petal will make a cancer patient feel like a princess!

Jules 04/12/2016

This Creature we named Jules. She is so beautiful and loves to listen to music at night and read poetry. She pray she will bring joy to a cancer patient.

Warrior 04/10/2016

This creature is named Warrior because he is camouflaged like a warrior. We hope that he will help give comfort to a person fighting cancer. Chloe is still hugging the Babycakes creature because she loves her so much.

Hoot and Ping 04/07/2016

This is Hoot and Ping. Hoot is being a hoot and flying around Juliet's room. Ping is being good and reading. Ping is reading Dork diaries. They will bring playfulness and fun to a cancer patient.

Babycakes 04/05/2016

This is are new creature Babycakes. She is a cute baby. She is sweet but........... she crys sometimes. The third picture is Babycakes in her bed. She will be VERY sweet and kind when she is adopted by a cancer patient.

Sully 04/04/2016

I had to stay home from school today because my allergies were so bad. I made the day good by making this cute adorable creature. I named him Sully. Sully is a girls or boys best friend and loves to take walks and play. I know Sully will bring love to a cancer patient!

Octo the octopus 04/03/2016

This is Octo the octopus. He has extra arms to give extra hugs to a person fighting cancer.

Lucky Charms 04/01/2016

We named this creature Lucky And its last name is Charms. Lucky helps Lenny the leprechan. We hope it brings luck to someone who's fighting cancer.

Dr. Thulip 03/30/2016

We made this creature and named her Dr. Thulip. She is as pretty as a tulip and is a doctor who researches cancer. See her looking at the cancer cells in the microscope? I hope we can cure cancer soon and our hope is this creature gives comfort to the cancer patient receiving it. Amen.


LOVEYLOVEKINS creature was made on my mom and dads 11th anniversary. We hope it brings love to a cancer patient.

Desmond the bat / night owl 03/26/2016

Our new creature is named Desmond. He doesnt sleep alot at night and sometimes he's a bat and sometimes a night owl, he transforms. We hope he will help a person fighting cancer sleep at night. May all cancer patients and everyone else have a happy Easter tomorrow.

Sunshine 03/26/2016

Sunshine was delivered today. I hope she give comfort to the girl who received her. We make all our creatures by hand with love.

Sea Shell and Shallow 03/25/2016

We named these two creatures Sea Shell and Shallow. They like to skateboard when they're not swimming. This is for a little boy who went to preschool with Juliet and is fighting cancer. A lot of prayers are going to this boy

Sally 03/24/2016

This is our newest member of the creature club, her name is Sally

Lilac 03/24/2016

This is Lilac. She loves fashion and she spends 2 hours to find the best lip gloss every day and 5 hours of just finding a dress to wear.

Jude and Lucas 03/23/2016

We named these two wild creatures Jude and Lucas. I know saint Jude helps kids with cancer and Lucas is named after our cousin. We hope they help a cancer patient soon.

Eli 03/22/2016

We named this creature Eli. He's being delivered to an awesome cancer fighter tomorrow

Flower 03/21/2016

This little creature we named Flower. We delivered her to a teacher's mom who has been fighting cancer.

Cuddles 03/21/2016

This little creature we named Cuddles. Cuddles loves hugs and is sweet and quiet. We're bringing her to a sick lady who is fighting cancer.

Pinky the Owl 03/19/2016

This is Pinky the owl. Hootie likes to hang out around people and watch the fun but is a little shy so try not to surprise her. Pinky's favorite color is pink!