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Love your Melon caps Texas Oncology - Day 2 12/23/2022

It was 9 degrees outside today. That made it the perfect time to bring warmth to those who need it the most. We made sensory stress relief squishies so kids who are at doctors offices today could feel loved and have something to help with their stress. We also brought warm Love Your Melon X Creatures Against Cancer hats and Nothing Bundt cakes to doctors who got up in the cold to go out and help others today ❤️. If you know someone going through cancer who can use some extra love and support send a message to

Have a Blessed and Beautiful day!

Volunteer Day 11/12/2022

Weekends are for dinosaurs, gingerbread men, and lots of smiles. 😊

Thank you to our volunteers, Karen, Cameron and Jolie! It was great having you help us make mastectomy pillows, neck pillows and sensory squishees for cancer patients!

Many of these pillows will go to Jefferson Regional Medical Center in Pine Bluff Arkansas, we hope the patients there receive some comfort from our efforts.

Unicorn Celebration 08/16/2022

Unicorn pillows, dream catchers, superhero capes and lots of love. This is for a little girl who is battling cancer at Children's. We hope it brought a smile to her day and that she knows she is cared for and prayed for a lot.

Biscuit and Fuzzy 08/05/2022

These cuddly foxes are named Biscuit and Fuzzy. We had a request to make them for identical twins. The boys love the color blue and foxes. Unfortunately, one boy has to be in the hospital for cancer treatment while the other is at home or school. They miss each other and wish they were't separated during this time. Biscuit and Fuzzy are reminders that even though they are apart for treatment, they are loved.