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June Neck pillows 06/02/2023

Neck pillows for anyone who needs for doctor appointments ☺️

To Kentucky with love 05/15/2023

A caregiver requested a pillow for their patient. He has been battling cancer and doesn't leave the home much. The caretaker said a creature pillow and neck pillow would help. We were happy to send a sea turtle creature pillow. Sea turtles represent protection and comfort. We hope the person feels both. The neck pillow can be brought to appointments or used when sitting. There are also cozy socks to keep their feet warm. We hope the pillows bring comfort to the cancer warrior and that he knows he is prayed for by others.

Love your Melon caps Texas Oncology - Day 1 12/21/2022

We had a great day bringing warmth and support to patients at Texas Oncology today. Bundtlets, neck pillows and Love Your Melon Beanie Caps were a great way to show love to patients who were receiving treatment today. We feel blessed that we are able to help so many feel warmth and loved during this time. Thank you to Nothing Bundt Cakes in Frisco for helping to support our mission over the last year and #loveyourmelon for all you do to help our mission to bring Comfort to Cancer patients.

Mastectomy pillows - To Houston with love 12/14/2022

This is for a mom who just underwent a double mastectomy. They didn't get all of the cancer and is scheduled for her second surgery followed by chemo in the weeks to come. She's a young mom of two beautiful and lively girls. The neck and mastectomy pillows are for the mom to help her with comfort. There is also a Superhero cape and custom breast cancer tutu for her. The two additional capes are for her daughters as they wanted something to wear to show their support for their mom as caped princess warriors. We hope these bring comfort and love to this family as they go through this.

Volunteer Day 11/12/2022

Weekends are for dinosaurs, gingerbread men, and lots of smiles. 😊

Thank you to our volunteers, Karen, Cameron and Jolie! It was great having you help us make mastectomy pillows, neck pillows and sensory squishees for cancer patients!

Many of these pillows will go to Jefferson Regional Medical Center in Pine Bluff Arkansas, we hope the patients there receive some comfort from our efforts.

Takeshi 09/30/2022

To Florida with Love,
A young man is battling the storms in Florida and also cancer. He requested a creature pillow to help bring him a little comfort during treatment. We named this cozy creature pillow named Takeshi. The name means strong and healthy and we hope he feels both of these as he battles cancer and recovers. The neck pillow is something he can bring with him to treatment and the cape is a reminder that he is a strong warrior for battling cancer. Love to him and everyone in Florida.

September Pillow Collection 09/26/2022

Hearts symbolize love but also bring comfort to patients who have had a mastectomy. We have sent out a group of double mastectomy pillows and now single mastectomy pillows as well as neck pillows are being sent to Jefferson Regional Cancer Center. As long as the hospital requests pillows, we are happy to make and send them. We hope the patients feel the love and comfort in each pillow.

Donuts all around 09/13/2022

To New Mexico with Love,
Two pillows for a father battling prostate cancer. He drives a long way to treatment so the neck pillow is to help him while he travels. The donut pillow is double filled with memory foam and polyfill. It is meant to help with comfort when sitting. We hope these bring comfort and support while he battles cancer.