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To Plano Tx with love 06/03/2023

A woman had four surgeries and chemo and is now a breast cancer survivor. She has tried many pillows but can't find one that has helped so far. We are happy to make he a double mastectomy and a single that can be brought with her. We hope these pillows bring help and comfort to her journey as she recovers.

Faith, Hope and Love 02/18/2023

To Carrollton Tx, with Love
A widow just found out she has three cancerous masses in her breast. Doctors scheduled a surgery date and a reconstructive lift for next week. We hope this pillow brings some comfort to her as she recovers. The cape is a reminder that there is always Faith Hope and Love in the world. We hope she wears the cape and knows she is a superhero for fighting cancer and feels and knows the meaning of Faith, Hope and Love ❤️

To Niagra Falls, NY with LOVE 02/13/2023

A woman just had a double mastectomy is needed some comfort and loved during recovery. We are happy to send her a double mastectomy pillow to help with comfort during recovery. The cape is a reminder : She is clothed with Strength and Dignity and She Laughs without Fear of the Future. May she feel and know these things and be comforted with love during her recovery.

Mastectomy Pillows 01/25/2023

If anyone is in need of a mastectomy pillow, feel free to send us a message ♥️ Have a wonderful day!

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Mastectomy pillows - To Houston with love 12/14/2022

This is for a mom who just underwent a double mastectomy. They didn't get all of the cancer and is scheduled for her second surgery followed by chemo in the weeks to come. She's a young mom of two beautiful and lively girls. The neck and mastectomy pillows are for the mom to help her with comfort. There is also a Superhero cape and custom breast cancer tutu for her. The two additional capes are for her daughters as they wanted something to wear to show their support for their mom as caped princess warriors. We hope these bring comfort and love to this family as they go through this.

Mastectomy pillows - To Pine Bluff Arkansa with love 11/23/2022

20 single and double mastectomy pillows for the patients at Jefferson Regional Cancer Center. We love to be able to fulfill their requests as it brings comfort and love to so many going through treatment.

Mastectomy pillows - To Ohio with Love 11/19/2022

A young woman was diagnosed with breast cancer this week. She is facing a lumpectomy and 8 weeks of radiation. We hope these mastectomy pillows bring her the love and comfort she needs as she goes through treatment and recovery.

Mastectomy pillows - To Missouri with love 11/17/2022

A woman was diagnosed with Inflammatory breast cancer which is also in her lymph nodes. She is starting chemotherapy and then will have a double mastectomy. We made two pillows, one for the double mastectomy and the second to hold an ice pack and snacks. We hope these pillows bring the cancer warrior comfort and love.

Volunteer Day 11/12/2022

Weekends are for dinosaurs, gingerbread men, and lots of smiles. 😊

Thank you to our volunteers, Karen, Cameron and Jolie! It was great having you help us make mastectomy pillows, neck pillows and sensory squishees for cancer patients!

Many of these pillows will go to Jefferson Regional Medical Center in Pine Bluff Arkansas, we hope the patients there receive some comfort from our efforts.

Strong and Courageous 11/03/2022

To Missouri with love,
A lady has been fighting triple negative breast cancer. She has had chemo and radiation and will have a double mastectomy in the coming weeks. She requested a pillow to help with the comfort as she heals. We hope this pillow brings her comfort. The cape is a reminder that she is a superhero for fighting cancer and to stay strong and courageous.

Virginia with Love 10/19/2022

To Virginia, with love
A young lady has gone through a lot while moving to a new state. She is now battling breast cancer which has spread to both breasts. She asked for a little kindness and help with the pain from surgery and mastectomy scars. We are happy to send some love and comfort her way. The double mastectomy pillow will help with the scars and pain from cancer. The cape is a reminder that she is brave, fierce, strong and loved. Finally, there are a few other comfort and self care items to help bring her comfort and as she heals. We pray she finds hope, love and peace during this time.

To New Jersey with Love 10/07/2022

To New Jersey with Love,
Minnie Mouse has been a symbol of true friendship. This Minnie Mouse themed double mastectomy pillow is going to a young lady who just had a double mastectomy pillow. She is experiencing pain from the surgery and scars as she heals. We want her to know she has a friend in Texas and we hope this pillow brings her comfort in the coming months. The cape is a reminder to always Be Strong and Fight On!

September Pillow Collection 09/26/2022

Hearts symbolize love but also bring comfort to patients who have had a mastectomy. We have sent out a group of double mastectomy pillows and now single mastectomy pillows as well as neck pillows are being sent to Jefferson Regional Cancer Center. As long as the hospital requests pillows, we are happy to make and send them. We hope the patients feel the love and comfort in each pillow.

November Pillows 11/08/2021

Making and wrapping single and double mastectomy pillows for people in the community who requested them. If anyone knows someone who can use a double or single mastectomy pillow, just let us know and we will be happy to make one for them. We hope they bring a little love and comfort to people battling cancer in our community.

Penny, Bonnie, Tom and Spencer - the big brave wolf 08/07/2019

Today the three little pigs and the big brave wolf accompanied us to Texas Oncology. Their names are Penny, Bonnie, and, Tom. Spencer, the big brave wolf protects the pigs at night so other animals don't scare them. All these creatures are filled with so much love and we hope they bring comfort to people fighting cancer.

Valentines love 02/14/2019

Happy Valentines day! It was wonderful to bring love to people fighting cancer today. We hope the heart pillows and valentines bring a little bit of love and comfort to some awesome patients today. They are amazing!

Mastectomy pillows! 01/21/2019

We decided to make mastectomy pillows for people who have fought breast cancer. We got the idea from the wonderful nurses at Texas Oncology. After breast cancer and surgery, there is a lot of pain on the chest and under the arms. These pillows were made to provide comfort and to keep things from rubbing on the scars while they heal.

Now breast cancer patients can put on a seat belt, lay down and put their arms down without anything rubbing on their scars. We never thought about how uncomfortable it must be to put on a seat belt after breast cancer surgery, now we know. We made two kinds. One type is for just one breast and it is a heart shape. The second one is for patients who have had double breast cancer. We really hope these pillows bring some love and comfort to patients recovering from breast cancer surgery.