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Kindness bags for Children's Hospital 07/12/2023

Kindness bags filled with toys and little activities kids made for kids in the hospital. They also made cards to go with each bag. Unexpected kindness goes a long way in cheering someone up 😀

Children's Hospital goodies for the kids 05/12/2023

Stress relief squishies and fidget toys for kids in the hospital. We hope these sensory items can help refocus some stress. They also give the kids something fun to do while waiting for treatment.

Marvel cape for a superhero fighting cancer 05/11/2023

A wife requested a cape for her husband. They love Marvel movies, and Dr. Strange is a favorite. We were happy to make a cape for him. She said her favorite quote was "I love you in every Universe." We hope the cape makes him smile and serves as a reminder that he is a superhero everyday for fighting cancer and is loved by his wife through out all time and space.

Children's Hospital for Cape Day 04/30/2023

We enjoyed bringing huggable creature pillows to Children's Hospital for Cape Day. The Hospital put on an absolutely wonderful celebration for kids there. You could see the care and love going out to the patients and their families. We brought our pillow creations so kids could have something to hold. Life is always easier for a kid when they have a stuffy by their side 😊. We also made superhero neck pillows and sensory squishies. The squishies are filled with a variety of sensory material to help redirect kids stress. They can focus on squishing and /or coloring something interesting. For a lot of kids, physically holding something is a stress relief on its own. By adding coloring patterns it also shifts their focus to color something beautiful.