News & Events - care package

Virginia with Love 10/19/2022

To Virginia, with love
A young lady has gone through a lot while moving to a new state. She is now battling breast cancer which has spread to both breasts. She asked for a little kindness and help with the pain from surgery and mastectomy scars. We are happy to send some love and comfort her way. The double mastectomy pillow will help with the scars and pain from cancer. The cape is a reminder that she is brave, fierce, strong and loved. Finally, there are a few other comfort and self care items to help bring her comfort and as she heals. We pray she finds hope, love and peace during this time.

Unicorn Celebration 08/16/2022

Unicorn pillows, dream catchers, superhero capes and lots of love. This is for a little girl who is battling cancer at Children's. We hope it brought a smile to her day and that she knows she is cared for and prayed for a lot.

Halloween fun at Children's 10/21/2021

Custom Halloween superhero capes and trick or treat buckets for some sweet kids at Children's Hospital. We love that they will be able to have some fun on Halloween.
— at Children's Medical Center Plano.

November update 11/25/2020

We know it has been an incredibly hard year for everyone. We've also had our challenges. We have found that the best way to get through hard times is to help others. We have found great joy in being able to help bring a little happiness to others during this year. We have continued to make masks and comfort gifts and bring them to Children's. We have also seen a great need for other organizations in the community. We were blessed over the last couple of months to to be able to make masks and collect items to bring to Hope's Door and Love Pac's. These are both amazing organizations in the community that help others in need. If there is anything that we learned this year, it is that we all have the ability to bless others. We gave a mask to a worker while donating our old items to Goodwill and she started crying and said thank you. That showed us how powerful kindness can be in hard times. We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Even in a hard year, there is a lot to be thankful for.

July update 07/24/2020

It has been long few months but we have been trying to make to best of it by helping those most in need right now. One of the things that brings us the most joy is being able to talk to and bring comfort items to people fighting cancer. The pandemic has changed a lot of things. We are not able to directly see cancer patients but we still can make comfort items for them and continue to pray for them. We have also seen the increased need for people in the community to have essential items. We have spent the last several months making masks and putting together essential items for those most in need.

Children's Hospital is still very close to our heart. We were also able to sew masks for Children's Hospital and put together comfort items for kids who have to be hospitalized and are trying very hard to be strong and brave. We really hope we can make a small impact on someones day during these uncertain times.

April update 04/29/2020

We hope everyone is staying safe! It's been a hard few months being quarantined. We can't go anywhere except our backyard or around the block on walks! We know it is especially hard for essential workers who have to go to work to help others. We have spent some of our extra time thinking of how we can help. We've made some protective masks and have had them delivered to essential workers around the city. The one thing that was challenging for us (besides learning how to sew the masks), was how to get kids to wear them. Masks are not very comfortable to wear, especially for kids. We decided to attach the masks to super hero eye wear for little kids and also add capes. We also gave these to the kids of essential workers. We heard they loved them. That makes us sooooooooo happy! We also added buttons to hats so adults could put the strings around hat buttons if they want instead of their ears. This makes wearing the masks more comfortable for grownups. We will continue to think of ways we can help those most in need during this scary time in the world. The biggest thing we are also doing is praying. We pray that this pandemic will soon be over and that people can get back together again.

Happy Holidays from CAC 12/23/2019

There is no better way to spend the holiday than to give the gift of love to others. We were able to buy some special gifts and make pillows for the kids at Children's. We were so happy to get to see Flora, the resident therapy dog, walking around the halls today. Along with that, it was very festive with all the many sparkly Christmas decorations adorning the entrance. We also had the pleasure of going to Texas Oncology. We loved seeing the smiles on patients faces while giving out fluffy pillows and handmade ornaments filled with snow and chocolate. I hope everybody has a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a blessed holiday season.

Thanksgiving giving 11/25/2019

What a wonderful way to start our Thanksgiving break! We came to Texas Oncology and handed out beautiful glass ornaments filled with nature and love. Our preserved moss and colorful leaves remind you of the beauty of fall. I love going out on walks to see the colorfulness of the season, and this made us decide to share the peace of fall with others. We also made soft scarves to help bring people warmth in this cold time of the year. I hope everyone has a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving!

April Easter Creatures 04/19/2019

Happy Good Friday! This month we filled Easter eggs with mouthwatering candies and squishy stress relievers. We also made cuddly, adorable bunnies and Easter egg pillows. We had so much fun delivering the creatures and eggs to both Texas Oncology and Children's Hospital. We hope these sweet creatures help cancer patients feel extra comfort and love and we hope they have a joyful Easter.

Valentines love 02/14/2019

Happy Valentines day! It was wonderful to bring love to people fighting cancer today. We hope the heart pillows and valentines bring a little bit of love and comfort to some awesome patients today. They are amazing!

Childhood Cancer Awareness 09/03/2018

Since September is childhood cancer awareness month we wanted to do something different and special for the kids at Children's Hospital. We sewed together gift bags and made note cards of encouragement. We then filled the bags with prizes and toys. We are going to go back again at the end of the month with our creatures and capes. We hope these bags bring a smile and happiness to kids fighting cancer.

Owlie in August 08/02/2018

We had a fantastic start to August! We were able to bring summer hats and creatures to some amazing people fighting cancer at Texas Oncology and Children's Hospital! We also made slime for all the parents at Texas Oncology who have kids. They loved it! Some even said they would share slime with their kids friends. Our owl creature with her two baby owls went to the perfect person- a mom with two kids who are 6 and nine years old. The mom loved the owl and said that her kids would love the baby owls. We also loved finding Nemo in the fish tank. There are so many cool and different fish and we could watch them play for a long time. We loved ending our trip playing by the Story Tree at Children's hospital. It is the most perfect tree. It would be awesome if they put a treehouse in it so kids could climb up in it and play and read all day.